Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sugar Is Back In Action!

After a while,
Sugar is back to normal and happy as usual.
But she just got a little bit problems now.
Previously Sugar looks like this!

Now Sugar looks like this!

Yes! Sugar is "botak" now!
Funny isn't it?
But sometimes we will wear some shirts on her of course.
A dog that used to have a lot of fur and suddenly became bald will can really feel cold!

Besides that, i got something new.
Yoyo keep on complaining that he is lonely and sad.
So i got him a new partner!
Guess what?


Previously Little Yoyo is lonely and nobody accompany him.
But now he got a big brother and bald creature!


Anonymous said...

hey, sugar will feel cold la...wether not good recently.. have to make a jacket for it

Xherlyn said...

OMG!! kesian sugar.. now naked.. no fur . .

aL said...

ZOMG~!!!! so comeeeeeel~ hahahahahhaa.

but im glad she's alright :)

Chuckie Cotton said...

OMG!!...How long b4 the fur can grow back like b4?

*~ChrISsiE bABy~* said...

nice blog u hav ter..
and i realli love ur dog!~

angelinemiss said...

pooor poorr sugar....
dont let her running out from house during rainy days d yaaaa..

Kimberly said...

what the hell happend to her? fleas issit?