Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bon Odori Penang 2008 [Part 2]

Let's continue with more pictures!
this is our group picture before we start Charles is the photographer.

I am hungry and start eating!

They say that i am retard in this picture. =_="

I think this one i looks more like retard!
[one, two, three, four, five]

This one is even worse!

More & more camwhore pictures!
Me & Emily

I borrowed that "Jokata" from Charles!
Sherlyn looks like kissing me, =_="
Zeon is going to kill me

Me & Emily again!

Sherlyn & Me!
weird pose!

I just cant stop eating even if i know i am fat!

Ting! Tong! Tiang!
I looks so blur!

Another group picture!
Going crazy!

We met some Japanese and asked for photograph!
they are friendly!

Something that you wont feel like missing in Bon Odori every year!
It is the fireworks!
I am lazy to update pictures!
But please watch this video!

It was so fun!
I wanna go again next year!

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