Saturday, July 26, 2008

PTPL College Beach Gotong-Royong 2008

Here it comes!
A super good weather on Saturday morning!
It is time to complete of life with some meaningful activities!
I am fetching Sherlyn.
While waiting, i captured some cats that around her apartment.
Take 1!

Take 2!

After that i picked her up and we went MCD for breakfast!
i haven't been eating MCD as breakfast for months!
Greenlane 24hours MCD

Meet her! Sherlyn!

Thank you for holding my coffee, lol.
Then off we go!
Paradise Hotel wheeeee~~~!!!!!
So many TREES!

This is what we called picture spoiler, lol

Mr. Benjamin

Mr. Jeff, Director of Paradise Resort.
Thanks for sponsoring us free breakfast!

Mr's Wong, Principal Of PTPL College Penang
LOL, Miss Ong you don't kill me if you see this!

Mr's Wong giving Token Of Appreciative To Mr. Jeff

Preparing for the opening ceremony

So it began!

We are in Dark Green Green group!

Vicky & Sherlyn

Camera Sensitive Freak!

We found big HAM!

Cepat kerja! Jangan curi tulang!

We found this too...

Take a break, and cam whore!

Me, Zahir & Vicky

Sherlyn & Me

Then we continue and finished our work at around 10.00a.m.
Then went back to Paradise Resort for our FREE breakfast!
This is Zahir looks like going to fight!

Vicky getting ready to fight!

Celebrities walking...

Yau Yeng! XD

Yum Yum!

Time for some photos to keep memories!
This is our Dark Green Group
Nice to meet you all!

Miss Yan/Yen, the lecturer that lead us!

She is funny & friendly!

Miss Judy Ong, our Multimedia subject lecturer

Some of the SS case!
Me & Sherlyn
Emo look

Vicky & Me
Sherlyn said must see our teeth

Zahir & Me

It is game session!
Me and Zahir joined Volley Ball match, Vicky joined Beach Soccer match.
Vicky lost in the beach soccer match, lol
How about Sherlyn?
She anti-social, lol.
Don't know why everyone look up.

Zahir, Me & another 2 group members won that match!
Each of us got RM10 MCD Vouchers for the prize!

Have some fun with the horse and dog there before we go back.

Thanks to all my college mates and lecturers!
It is fun!


Xherlyn said...

aiyoo... you curi take pictures of my cats... xD

TZ said...

Dude, what was your assigned task? Taking picture while all others cleaning the beach :-p

Anyway, looks like u have lots of fun... keep up the community work eh! :->

aL said...

so kesian the dog. so bad u all :(

KOKahKOK said...

wah ..."ipg" when become soooooo care about environment haha...

Vincent Lee said...

Glad to see that you all had a great time...I miss it...wish I was there...hope that all students will participate in more of the up coming events...