Friday, July 25, 2008

Price Increases!

As everyone know, the price of everything keep on increasing right?
Let's see some ridiculous example.
I work in Golden Screen Cinema @ Gurney Plaza.
So obviously i will have my meal @ Food Avenue right?
I am not those rich people that can afford everything

Happy to see this right?
I don't increase price?

And followed by this!
5% Government Tax!!!

Which means if you are buying RM4.50 food
RM0.23 will be the Gov. Tax
Round up Total = RM4.75
Nice business tactics?
I will say the boss is clever.
Cause you are losing customer!
People will rather go to Gurney Drive Food Court eat then.
Although foods there kinda expensive,
but it is still cheap compared to yours!
Somemore your foods sucks!
Outside in Gurney Drive there are a lot of nice foods!
So guys!
Why should we pay more, while they don't deserve it?

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