Saturday, November 29, 2008

The So Called "Customer Services"

Today, I am going to talk about some customer services that i faced this afternoon.
1st, I went to this Nando's in Gurney Plaza New Wing.
As usual, weekend is always a lot of people around and you have to wait for tables.
Alright, I saw a table of other customers that just left so i head to there.
Then, a "WAITER" (that supposed to provide good customer service) go ahead of me and stopped me.
He asked me to "WAIT" and he go and clean up that table for me because it is still full with plates and cups.
So, i waited!
Here comes a bunch of fucking idiots, or i would say unmatured kids!
They just came grabbed my table!
They don't even look at me standing a side just to wait for the waiter to clean it up.
Funny thing is, this fucking "WAITER" ask me to go get another table!
Fine, let it be, i am a gentleman. Fuck you!
So after i got my table with this GBGB, we've waited.
Wait! Wait! Wait! No one even bother to serve us!
Fuck them don't even give us their fucking menu!
Ok, FINE! I don't give a damn about you.
So I ordered 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines and a cup of ice water.
Guess what?! The waiter came back to me and told me that they got no iced water and they only have that fucking expensive mineral water!
Nando's is like so BIG! and you can even extended it to a 2 level restaurant and you told me that you don't have A CUP OF ICED WATER!?

2nd case, I met up with Minny, Jasmine and Bernard after that and we went to "SushiKing"
When i ordered something from the "WAITER".
Then I continue ordering others.
This so called "WAITER" shouted, HOW MANY PLATES OF XXXXX?!
I mean, HELLO!? Are you treating me as your customer?!
I don't care whatever fucking mood you are in now.
But I just know that you shouldn't fucking throw your fucking asshole mood into your job!
If you are not happy or moody, please go home!

Advices to all the customer service crews:
1. Please don't mix up your personal issues, moods or problems with your work.
2. Please use the sentences "excuse me", "pardon me" or "sorry" when you don't hear customer properly or you cant hear them.
3. Please speed up your work and don't mix up the orders within a restaurant, please ask properly! Don't simply just put your foods down in other's table!
4. Please be polite to the customers.
5. Please be respect people as you want people to respect you!

As you can see, I've used up "Please" in front of every advices.
That's how polite i am, so you can "please" drop your comments here if you think that i am wrong.
Before i go back, Minny asked me whether am I insulted to all the restaurant's waiters today?
I answered: HOW WILL I KNOW?!


SaeWei said...

and another one is..



Unknown said...

damn... i got nothing to say but only


wei,my brother works in sushi king ok..

JJ Jason said...

SaeWei, the new nando's damn lousy.
Hao, lol.
Vingie, i know ur bro work there.
that day i saw him, he couldn't recognize me, but he is not the one who serve me.