Monday, February 8, 2010

CNY Is Coming again!!!!

Hey guys!
It is only 6 days left to CNY!
Have you done your shopping yet?
Bought enough clothes for your CNY already?

CNY is so near!!!! How can you not done all this yet!
Plus, are you going home and gather with your family?
It will be very hurtful to your family if you don't do so.
Appreciate every moment you have with your family.

Let's enjoy this prosperous new year with all the new year songs and entertainment with your family!

Happy Chinese New Year people!
Below is Namewee's New Year song, LMAO!

And also the latest CNY song in this year.
This is from Myfm & Astro

This is from 8tv

And this is from NTV7 and Onefm

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Lee Cheng Hoe said...

I like this post. Well done.