Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mix Nuts Chocolate Brownies

As for this year Chinese New Year, I've decided to bake this Mix Nuts Chocolate Brownies.
I've got this recipe from this Chocolate Lover.
Let's me share the recipe here.

  • 230g Butter (in cube)
  • 220g Sugar (Castor/ Granulated)
  • 4-5 Eggs (whisked up)
  • 250g Dark Chocolate / Chocolate ( in small pellet or chopped finely, to make sure it melts quick)
  • 140g Flour
  • 50g Cocoa powder
  • 150g Nuts (Up to your choice) [I've used Almond nuts, Peanuts, and Hazelnuts)
  • Butter the baking tin
  • Mix up the flour and cocoa powder
  • Prepare the chocolate in a mixing bowl
  • Leave aside some nuts for decoration on top
  • Preheat the Micro Oven with 180'c
  1. Melt the butter completely
  2. Dissolve the sugar and add into the melted butter.
  3. Add in the eggs, make sure the butter is not hot, so the eggs wont turn into omelette
  4. Pour the hot mixture into the mixing bowl which contain the chocolates. Make sure the chocolates are melt roughly. If it doesn't, then zap it in microwave for 10seconds
  5. Spatula in the mixture of flour and cocoa powder. Make sure there's no trace of flour can be found.
  6. Mix in the nuts.
  7. Pour the mixture into the baking tin.
  8. Bake in the Oven, which has preheated at 180'C. Bake for 25-30minutes.
  9. The top of brownies will be shiny, and it has a little bit crack.
  10. Take out the brownies and leave aside to cool. Don't cut it until it reach room temperature, the brownies will be soft when it is hot.
  11. If you are not sure whether the brownies is cooked or not, follow your feeling, this is what I did most of the time.
Below are the photos.
Butter in cube
Granulated Sugar
Whisked Eggs
Mixture of Eggs, Butter & Sugar
Mixture of Cocoa powder & Flour
Mixing chocolates and butter mixtures
Spatula in the mixture of powder
Pour in baking tin, decorate with some left nuts
Bake in Micro Oven
Leave to cool.