Monday, April 15, 2013

Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar @ G Hotel Penang

There's not much of Italian restaurant in Penang, and not all of them can really serve some nice and Italian's local delicacy.
No matter, finally it has got some nice offer here in Penang.
Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar, it is been in Penang G Hotel for a while, but I guess most of you do not know that they are selling very nice Italian food.
Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar is located right next to Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf.
It can be easily spot if you walk into the Alfresco Area of Gurney Plaza. 

Michelangelo's Restaurant and Bar always attracted a lot of walk in customers and tourist to dine in

The interior is so nice and also full of Michelangelo's fine art. All of them were hanging on the wall around the restaurant

Even the lights hanging on the ceiling was also full of Michelangelo's creations

Other than just restaurant, there was also a bar counter for people to chill out here

M is the signature of this restaurant, it stands for Michelangelo

One of the best and most famous creation of Michelangelo's hanging on the wall, The Creation of Adam.

I believe there are a lot of people came here for their Magarita, Pizzas and Pastas.
But this time, Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar wanted to bring something different to all the customers in Penang.
Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar have invited Chef Paolo, an Italian Chef to come and bring in new dishes to their menu.
Thanks to Chef Paolo, now we get to taste some other Italian food other than just pizzas or pastas.
However, this menu will only be available for this whole month of April until 3rd of May only.
Anyway, let's skip all the words and let me introduce you to all the nice new Italian food that you may not heard before in Penang.

Strawberry Magarita
Magarita is their best selling beverage here. You must try it whenever you visit this restaurant!

Mango Magarita
This is mango flavored magarita, which will fulfill your craving for sweet mango, all you need is one sip to taste the perfect mix of liquor and the fruit flavor.

Lime Magarita
I personally love this one, and magarita just made the dinner tasted perfect!

Melanzane Parmigiana
Aubergines a.k.a eggplants are baked to it perfection and covered by Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, together with tomatoes and herbs that made this dish a great appetizer!
Highly Recommended!

Gamberoni Piccanti
King prawns cooked in white wine, garlic, chillies and herbs. The prawns are so fresh that it tasted so juicy in every bite, and remember to finish the last sip of the sauce with the ciabatta bread! Appetizing!
Must try!

Zuppa di Pollo e Fungi
Chicken and mushroom are always perfect match for each other, even in Italian food, it made a perfect mix soup, if you don't like seafood? Go for this one then!

Zuppa di Pesce
A soup that mixed all the nice and fresh seafood together, mussels, clams, cuttlefish, monk fish and snapper.
It tasted so nice that I couldn't stop myself from finishing the whole plate! Seriously a soup to die for!
Highly Recommended!

Linguini del Pescatore
This is a seafood pasta that will make you crave for! Don't just judge it by it's appearance, I'm pretty sure that you will fall for it once you taste a bite!
Highly Recommended!

Pollo a la Bacco
This is a dish that cooked with chicken breast, usually chicken breast may be hard and tasteless when it is cooked, but this one will just make you love chicken breast from now on, it tasted so juicy and nice with all the herbs that absorbed into the meat, cook it with white wine, mushrooms, tomatoes and creamy sauce which made my first bite so surprised!
Highly Recommended!

Sella D'Agnello
Roasted lamb with sauce made of red wine, port, rosemary and garlic sauce made this dish rather nice and filling! Though the lamb is a little bit too hard, but the taste is so good that I had 3 pieces of it. 
Must try!

Dolce Di Datteri
This is an Italian dessert that tasted rather special, it is not like any other desserts that I've tasted in Penang before, my first time to Italian dessert, it is not sweet, and just perfect when topped with ice cream.
Must try!

Meet Chef Paolo, the Italian Chef who brought this brand new menu to Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar
He is a super friendly person, we had a little talk after the food review session.
Would definitely want to meet him again in the future, thanks for all the nice food!
Now that you made me know more about Italian food other than just pastas and pizzas.

Lastly, Ladies always enjoy all the good deals more than guys!
Monday: Purchase a main course to get a glass of Magarita for FREE!
Wednesday: Purchase 1st glass of Magarita at normal price and get another glass of Magarita for FREE!

Apart from that, spending RM200 and above in a single receipt will entitled you a complimentary bottle of house wine for FREE!
What are you waiting for? Time for this great deal!

Michelangelo's Restaurant and Bar @ G Hotel 
Address: G Hotel, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang Malaysia
Operating hours: Daily 11.00am - 12.00am (Friday and Saturday until 1.00am)
GPS: 5.43778, 100.31034

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