Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PSY - Gentleman

Guess if I were to ask you who is PSY, even the 3 years old children are able to answer my questions.
Yes, it is Gangnam Style that made him an international super star now.
Gangnam Style caused a rage in year 2012 and the whole world is crazy for the dance!
He made it to the top of the world in just a few months time.

Right now, PSY Oppa has come out with his new single named "Gentleman"
The first time I heard about it, I guess most likely it is gonna make it to the top again.
As what I've expected, the MTV launch on 13th of April and now within 3days time, it is now at the top again!
The top clicks MTV, PSY - Gentleman.

So I assume that people would start filming their own Gentleman MV soon.
Another rage in year 2013!
Father Mother Gentleman! 

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