Sunday, April 28, 2013

What a "GREAT" experiences in PIKNIK Cafe, Penang.

Dear PIK NIK cafe, what a "great" experiences I got from your cafe.
As a ex-loyal customer, I'm extremely pissed with your service!
I walked into your cafe and there were so many empty tables in there as it was not peak hours.
I choose an empty table as I can spot 2 power plugs in there ad I really need them, and ordered my food and drinks.
What you did?
Asked your waitress to come and approach me, asking me whether to switch to another table or not? I told her that I need the 2 power plugs in here therefore I choose this table.
What more?
You asked your staff to approach me again and asking me to switch to another table AGAIN because that table caters to 6 person and I was only 2 person in there.
Have you ever ask whether are we gonna be there for long?
Do you respect us as your customers? That we already refused to switch for the 1st time and you asked again for the 2nd time?

For your info, this is not the 1st time this is happening.
The last time I dined in your cafe and there were no table with power plug, therefore I had my late lunch there while waiting for other people to leave, and it was non peak hours. The same thing happened! You told your waitress to deny my request of changing table!
I also walked out straight!

Sorry to say but I've already given you second chance today, and you just pissed me off.
PIKNIK Cafe will not be my choice ANYMORE!
From now on I swear I will boycott this cafe and told my friends not to go there too!
You don't know how to appreciate and respect your customers so I do really hope that your cafe can last, HOPE!

Well, so they have not give any feedback after a few days until I commented on their page again.
What happens next? I got insulted, well, at least me and some of my friends felt this way.
Seriously, you don't think that your CUSTOMER SERVICE & ATTITUDE is a problem?
So you think that it is right to treat your customers that way? I wonder.
These are some comments by other people about the way they apologized.
Seriously, I'm not the only who felt insulted. 
And until today, 3rd of May, I still haven't get any feedbacks from PIKNIK Cafe yet.
So I guess they are just gonna ignore my case?
Sad, this is how the customer service is.
Whenever you're in Penang and you wanted to go to this cafe, please think twice.
Cause you dont want to get treated like me and ruin your whole trip to Penang. 


HelenCC said...


Just saw ur comment on my blog post.
Too bad to heard that u experienced a bad services at there.
But then that time I really get an awesome services at there.
Maybe difference service crew.

btw, i'm agreed that China House customer service really suck. I will never visited there anymore.

*JeSSieTan* said...

I will pay a visit soon to see if the same case happen to me. If yes, they will lose another customer :)

Mrs Chong said...

I don't like the cakes in China House, had their cake once and stopped going there already.

As for Pik Nik, I went there once only. The food was so-so and I don't like that the table is so low when we are having our food. I understand if there's a lot of people and you are taking up space but since there's not many people, why asking you to change table? Also, the apology is rude. I will not go back there as there's nothing much that makes me want to go there.

Chloe said...

I'm a random reader who stumble upon your post,really THUMBS UP ^__^

Really don't get it how people can do business this way. Even if you are not the boss,you still don't have to act this assholey way

Anonymous said...

Hi, don't you don't think you are abit selfish? 2 people on a 6 person table. I just gotta say something, do u seriously think that the world is revolving around u ?? God!! just get a powerbank or something. You are not the only one needing the plugs.

JJ Jason said...

Dear Anonymous,
Have you read the whole story?
So you think that it is right for a business owner to move you around as they like?
Why not try to experience on your own?
If they care, why not stop my from occupying their seats at the 1st place?
Have you seen what time did I walked into the cafe? If you know what time the cafe will be busy. Did I not mention that there were no crowd at all?
and for your info, I'm a regular customer in Piknik Cafe.
I go there for at least 3-5times a week before that.
Lastly, I'm using a laptop, tell me which power bank could charge my laptop, probably I will go and buy =D

And don't be a coward, if you dare to comment here, then step out.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the one who commented previously but I have something to tell you. Why you are so defensive about the comment people giving? Don't you think you are selfish by utilizing 6 person table while there are only 2 of you? It doesn't matter whether they have customer at that time or not but how if there are more customers walked in after you? Will u be happy if they asked u to move your table by that time? How well do you know customer service? I'm in the industry for 16 yeas man. I'm feel happy that someone like you voicing out and take customer right seriously but please be reasonable. I know there are thousands of people viewing your blog but so what? It doesn't mean you can be unreasonable. Pls get your facts right before you commenting about others. Last but not least, I feel funy when I saw you asking people to step out. Come on man, grow up! If u can't even receive feedback, how do u expect the cafe to take ur feedback seriously then? People have the right by voicing their opinion too. It's not important whether who are the one who are giving it but pls grow up man. If this kinda comment also you can't accept it, do you still qualified to be a blogger?

Unknown said...

^ Anonymous

I don't know about you but if I desperately need a place with power plugs and the restaurant is empty, I really would use the table for 6 for the time being, I mean, it's empty so what's wrong if I use the table? Unless like you said , if there are more and more customers, I wouldn't mind moving to another smaller table.

I don't think JJ is stupid enough to glue his ass there even when people start to flock in. In my opinion, if the restaurant is still empty, the owner should give a little leeway to customers who wanna charge their laptops or whatever. Otherwise I am looking at this as though the owner wanted JJ to leave.

Anyway, why are you asking him to grow up when:

1) He didn't attack you personally
2) You are using "anonymous" to comment

This is an open forum I'm sure if you wanna voice your opinion like an adult, you should come off as an anon.

Just sayin.

JJ Jason said...

Dear "Another" Anonymous,

Thanks for you input.
If I'm not qualified to be a blogger, maybe u should become a blogger and tell me how to qualified to become a blogger? =)

PS: I may not be old enough. But I've grown old enough to deal with u this type of people.

Anonymous said...

im neither the first or second person who commented on post above but i agreed with them, you're such an attention seeker who thought this world revolves around you? grow up man.stop being sissy and stop complaining.shit happens.

Anonymous said...

You can't even accept feedback and you said you capable enough to deal with people like me? Childish ! What u gonna do? Fight like high school student? Shame on you. Trust me, your ego will brings you down one day. U will never go anyway in your life....

Anonymous said...

He didn't attack me personally doesn't mean I can't voice out my opinion. As a blogger, when you posted things like this, you should be ready to receive comment like this. You are not qualified to be a blogger if u been defensive and only wanted positive comment about everything you posted. Why I asked him to grow up? All reasons stated above. I'm not attacking him personally but I think everyone have the right to hv opinion. It's impossible the whole world will stand by his side and support his statement all the time. In life we will need to learn how to face some disagreement. Especially when you started to give negative feedback to others, u also need to be prepared to open up yourself to receive the same. If u still think I'm attacking him personally and being unreasonable, I have nothing to say to people like u guys anymore. I give up and good luck to you in your life.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, you are also doing the same thing, why cant you accept the comment of JJZai and Ceddy Lopez, and lashing out towards them..... cant you just keep quiet and accept the fact everyone now is talking about you.... now who is the attention seeker here....

Unknown said...

Lol Alfred, forget about it since he said he's gonna give up I'll just let it slide. I don't understand why would people make such a big fuss in people's blogs, if you hate it so much start your damn blog cuz when it comes to my blog I generally don't wanna hear any conflicting comments cuz it's MY blog so y'all better respect that or get the fuck out.

JJ Jason said...

Dear all Anonymous,
I do sincerely thank you all for commenting here and contributing to my blog traffic.
And also thank you all for making my day.
Maybe from now on I could complain less if there are more people like u guys comment on my blog and making a funny scene for me.

At the same time, thanks Ceddy Lopez and Alfred Rico for the comments too.
Haters are gonna hate, just let them be.
There's no harm to me for them to bark around as they like.

Anonymous said...

well there eat there... the place and food was wonderful!! please don't talk bad on people cafe/restaurant... JJzai : u really need to open a f&b business and run it by yourself and really experience it... Please~ JJzai doesn't mean you finish studying or not at PTPL Collage(Penang) will get you well educated or professional =(

And i also got a book at Happy Mart few month back with all your famous blogger friends... Seriously??? why promoting franchise cafe and Hotels???? because they pay you well?

Guys all blogger are fake( for me ) they eat for free, drink for free, complain for free =(

Get a real Job Dude =D

Natasha said...

The first time I went to PIK NIK also became my last. The waitress was downright rude and snobbish.