Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cosas United Fashion Show @ Gurney Plaza Penang

Ever wonder where to get your winter clothes if you going overseas?
Since you are now staying in Malaysia, so winter clothing wouldn't be common as you wont be seeing them everywhere.
But now here's an option for you to keep yourself warm when

you're travelling.
Cosas United is one of the brand in Rofina Group and I was proudly invited to attend their fashion show at Gurney Plaza weeks ago.
This is my first time ever covering an fashion show event, hope you will be satisfy with my photos, because I don't usually take pictures of human, only food. =P
Enough talks, I know you guys been waiting to see more clothes, luggages or models.

I'm personally into the suit case, so vintage style and it is brown!

 Going for backpack trip alone?
A big backpack is a must for you. 

Even if you are going for a short trip, a small luggage will be just nice for some of your belongings.

Winter? No problem, you can find anything you need at any Rofina Store. 

Look at the red case! Isn't it elegance?

You might need to bring along your camera to capture the unforgettable moments during your trip. 

Luggages can be carry with different ways and you might have different fashion style too

Working trip or long holiday?
Maybe you will need a bigger luggage

 Scarf is also a must if you are going to somewhere cold.

Lastly, a group picture of all models and luggages.

After seeing all the winter clothing and suit cases.
I'm actually considering of getting one luggage for myself.
What's more? The luggages in Rofina Store is cheap and come with different colours and designs.

For now you can get Cosas United items at Rofina Store located at Gurney Plaza.
Good news is, they are having another individual Cosas United store in Gurney Paragon!

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