Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tang Bo Fu @ All Season Place pt 3

Continue from part 2, here comes more food for you!
In case if you missed out part 1 and part 2, here are the links:

To meet the latest market trend, Tang Bo Fu also came out with set lunch to offer more attractive sets for the consumers.
Set lunch are available from 11am to 5pm.
Only at RM9.90 per set

This meow meow is so cute!
Bringing more luck and wealth to everyone!

Friendship Afternoon High Tea Set
RM 45.90
This high tea set will be good if you have 4 or more people wanting to have a nice high tea and hang out.
One of the best food in this set is the mango mochi, the chewy mochi with real fresh mango fillings.
This set is just so big portion that you need to have more people to finish it!

Chinese Burger
RM 4.80
The surface of this dish is very crispy and crunchy, but the inside are soft and nice.
Though it is a fried snacks, it is not oily at all and I really like it!

Mango Mini Sago
RM 7.80
Mango is always my favourite, the freshness of blended mango ice and fresh mango together with the mini sago just made this dessert filled with freshness and chewiness. 

Sea Coconut Soy Bean Curd
RM 7.80
Don't just judge this dessert by the colour of it.
The sweetness of sea coconut and coconut juice is perfectly matched with the soy bean curd. Every spoon tasted so nice and smooth. 

Mix Fruits Mango Pudding with Ice Cream
RM 9.80
Will it be too much of Mango?
Of course not! The mango pudding is very "Q" like how Taiwanese said it.
Freshness of all sort of fruits made this dessert kinda special and filling!

There's last part left for Tang Bo Fu,
The post will be up very soon, and don't forget to come back. =D

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