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Goût de France / Good France Dinner @ 1885, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang.

"Goût de France / Good France - 
1 dinner to celebrate French gastronomy around the world"

On Thursday, 19 March 2015 Franch's gastronomy will invite the public to share a "French dinner" in around 1,300 restaurants all around the world.
Goût de France / Good France is organized by Alain Ducasse, one of the most famous chef in the world.
In conjunction with the Goût de France / Good France Project, France is bringing together more than 1300 chefs from around the world who will use the French culinary to express their talent and expertise through 1300 menus.

1885, an outlet of Eastern & Oriental Hotel is one of the participating among the 1,300 restaurants, which is also the only outlet in Penang to be part of Goût de France / Good France Project. Whereas there other 5 restaurants would be in Kuala Lumpur.

Chef Michel Camy is the newly appointed Executive Chef of E&O Hotel. He will be representing E&O Hotel for the Goût de France / Good France Dinner, where he will master mind behind the dinner. The French Chef to prepare the French dishes, and also best pair with French wines. 

Chef Michel Camy(left), the newly appointed Executive Chef of E&O Hotel and Mr.Harold Rainfroy, the Hotel Manager of E&O Hotel. They are sharing the information regarding Goût de France / Good France Project. Both of them are from France.

The table set up for the food tasting event was lovely, I love the ambience of 1885 that comes with such romantic environment for dining. The service was excellent too, as the staffs are very attentive, friendly and helpful.

So on that night, we get to enjoy the 7-course degustation menu prepared by E&O Hotel will be served on 19th March 2015. This promotion will be available for one day only.
It will be charging at RM158++ per person, and RM300++ for wine pairing.

Chateau De Beauregard - Ducourt 2013

We were served with Champagne Cattier to go with the starter

The breads are all homemade by the chefs in 1885, and they are all served hot. 
Best to eat on the spot together with your choice of spreads. 

Amuse bouche - Gougère d’escargot à la crème d’ail 
(snail and garlic cream gougère)
Our first course was this gourgère stuffed garlic cream with escargot. Gougère is common in French cuisine. It is a baked savory choux pastry made of choux dough mixed with cheese.
 It was rather creamy but just nice for a starter. The taste of the garlic cream totally boost your taste bud from your first bite. The flavourful of this starter will make you crave for more.

Salad / Salade - Tartare de loup de mer et maquereau fumé, 
gelée concombre - pomme verte et celeri, salade de menthe anet
(Sea bass tartar adn smoked mackerel, cucumber - green apple and celery jelly, mint dill salad)
Moving on to salad, it was rather surprised that they have used celery and mint in this dish and yet the ingredients blended perfectly that I can't really taste celery, something that I don't fancy. 

The fishes that mixed together are just perfect to go with the salad, especially when mint leaf is added into the salad to make it taste refreshing.
This salad will definitely refresh your sense of taste and get you ready for the next course. 

Appetizer / Apéritif - Tarte tiède de légumes, duxelle de champignons à la senteur de truffes,
 tomate confites, roquette sauvage et huile d’olive noir  
(Warm vegetables tart with mushroom duxelle scented truffle, tomato confit, wild arugula and black olive oil)
Our appetizer was a vegan dish, I love how the tarts served crispy and together with the scented truffle mixed into the mushroom. Every bite is simply yummy! Not forget to mention that the black olive oil was great to go with the tart itself.

Entree / Entrée - Trilogie de la mer, compotée tomate - 
poivron rouge, tuile de fromage craquante à l’encre de seiche, herbes fraîches
(Sea Trilogy, tomato - red capsicum jam, crispy black ink cheese tuile, fresh herbs)
This dish was really one of the best I've ever tasted before. The scallop topped with salmon roe was simply perfect as it sounded. And the perfectly seared tuna was lovely to go with the tomato - red capsicum jam as it would make it taste even more flavourful. 
The most surprising one would be the crispy black in cheese tuile on top of the lobster meat, it was rather surprising and now I realised that squid ink in cheese actually tasted so heavenly.

Main Entrée / Plat Principal - Tournedos de boeuf, légumes de saison, 
mousseline de pomme de terre, jus de viande et dés de foie gras
(Beef Tournedos with seasonal vegetables, potato mousseline, meat jus and diced foie gras)
As I've mentioned before, I am a no-beef person. So same goes to this dining. But I did tried the foie gras and the potato mousseline though, and they both tasted delicious. Seeing Chloe having it, the beef was medium rare, and it was quite tender and juicy as I was told by her. 

Cheese Platter / Plateau de Gromages - Assortiment de Fromages 
(Comté, Brie, Reblochon et Bleu) avec un pain aux noix
(Assorted Cheeses (Comté, Brie, Reblochon and Blue cheese) served with walnuts bread
Cheese is one of my favourite, especially when you get to have it together with some fine wine. In this course, there are total of 4 cheese, which all of them are my favourite, especially the blue cheese. The red wine that paired with these cheese are awesome, every bite of the cheese with a slight sip of wine is like spoiling your taste bud.

Dessert - Gateau au chocolat, strudel aux noix de macademia, 
crémeux chocolat, mousse à l’orange amer, sorbet Yuzu
(Macadamia strudel chocolate cake, chocolate cremeux, orange bitter mousse, yuzu sherbet)
Last course was a smooth and fine chocolaty cake. The chocolate cream layer of the cake was extraordinary smooth, and the macadamia strudel just made the whole cake complete and perfect.
Grand Marnier was served along with this cake bring this dessert to a whole new level of perfection. 
The richness of chocolate is what everybody wishing for, and the dessert on this menu is something that people would die for. It made a perfect closing for this 7-course degustation menu and also the best ending for the Goût de France / Good France Dinner.

Goût de France / Good France Project is a one night only event which will be happening on 19th March 2015. It is something that you don't want to miss out because 1885 is the only participating restaurants in Penang!
We were told that there the tables are running out, so make you move and book your table now!

Goût de France / Good France Dinner @ 1885
Address: 10, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Contact number: 04 - 2222000
Business hours: 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Price: RM158++(food only), RM300++(food + wine pairing)
GPS: 5.423252,100.336115

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