Thursday, March 26, 2015

Zest Bar Cafe @ Glow by Zinc, Penang

Sometimes I do crave for Thai food, especially when I think about spicy and sour tomyum, delicious green curry, Pad Thai and many more.
Now Zest Bar has launch their latest Thai a la carte menu specially caters to people who loves Thai food, and it is available all day including lunch time and dinner time.

GLOW Hotel was originally from Thailand, and therefore Zest Bar is rather different and special too where they offer Thai food instead of international dishes or buffet.

GLOW Hotel by Zinc can be easily spotted when you pass through Macalister Road, which is also one of the busiest road in Penang famous for hawker food.

GLOW Hotel is actually very famous in Bangkok, and this is the first GLOW in Malaysia, which is in Penang Island

Even the interior of Glow Hotel are rather special and colourful with all the wall paintings

I also love the colourful furnitures very much, it makes me feel so comfy and homey. 

Moving on to Zest Bar, the place is very wide and can caters up to 100 persons, it is also very beautiful with all the paintings on the wall

Currently Zest Bar is also running a Selfie Competition that guests and customers can win some attractive prizes.

This is the full menu of Zest Bar Cafe, offering variety of choices of Thai food and some westerns that will suits your taste.

As there are a lot of offices surrounding Glow Hotel, Zest Bar Cafe also offers Daily Set Lunch at only RM20+ per person. You will get to choose your own main course to go with the complimentary starter and desserts. Set Lunch is available from 11am to 5am.

We started our meal with some rather special and traditional Thai appetizer named Miang Kam, charging at only RM8 per plate. There are betel leaves, lime, peanut, chillies, dried shrimps ginger and etc, topped with the special Miang Kam sauce.

All you need to do is to get a piece of betel leaf, and add in all the ingredients

Lastly, just add some of the sauce in it and put it into your mouth.
To me it is something very new, so at first I can't really accept the taste of it. But slowly when all the ingredients mixed together in my mouth, I can taste some sourness from the lime, something that stimulate my taste bud like ginger and onions. Then really I started to enjoy this appetizer. Please bear in mind that the sauce are really spicy, which made me drank a lot of water after having it. 

Tom Kha Gai is selling at RM12 per bowl. It is actually a type of Siam Chicken Soup with ginger, coconut cream, lemongrass and etc. The soup was extremely creamy and taste yummy. It is something like Thai version of Creamy Chicken Soup, even the chicken breast in the soup was tender and it is just nice to go with rice. It is not spicy, just flavourful and appetizing. I would highly recommend this soup. 

Tom Yam Goong is very common in Thai food. The Tom Yam Goong here is priced at RM18 with big prawns. The portion was quite generous with 4-5 big prawns in the soup. Tom Yam is one of my all time favourite. I like the Tom Yam here for it sourness and spiciness, which is just perfect to my liking. 

Gaeng Keow Wan, set with rice priced at RM18, you can go with your choice of chicken or prawn. It is also commonly known as Thai Green Curry. Usually cooked with coconut milk and thai basil leaves. Thai Green Curry is also one of my favourite Thai food, but the ones here tasted a bit different from what I normally had. The taste of the green curry here is slightly too sweet and more to taste of some herbs that I am not familiar with instead of thai basil leaves.

Pad Kra Prao, or some of us would name it "3 Cups Chicken" is priced at RM18 per set, with your choice of minced chicken or beef. It is basically cooked with Thai Basil Leaves and chillies. This dish was rather flavourful and though it is a bit oily but it is perfect to go with rice. It's saltiness and the aroma of basil leaves in the minced chicken would be just perfect for a set meal. 

Pad Thai is priced at RM15 per plate. It is also a common Thai dishes especially for noodle lovers.
I like the Pad Thai here purely because the thai noodles was rather special to me. It is tender and flavourful, only a bit too spicy to me for the chillies they used in this dish. 

Sang Kaya Fug Tong is one of the traditional Thai desserts. It is actually steamed sweet pumpkin with custard on top of it, served with coconut milk by the side and priced at RM7 each.
This desserts is rather new and fresh to me, I never knew there's such Thai desserts exist. The pumpkin was rather soft and perfect to go with the custard cream. Tasted even better when you top it up with some fresh coconut milk provided by Zest Bar, I would definitely try this dessert again whenever I dine at Thai restaurants again!

Khanom Khao Mao is priced at RM7 per plate. It is actually banana in grated coconut and sticky rice, then deep fried it until it is golden and crispy, served with coconut milk by the side as well.
This is also my first time having this Thai dessert and it is also a pleasant one. I love it when it is still hot and the sweetness came from banana is just awesome with the crispiness of the mixture layer of sticky rice and grated coconut. Definitely a must try!

Overall the food review at Zest Bar Cafe was a pleasant one except the arrangement was a bit odd. Thanks to GLOW Hotel for hosting our lunch and also Criz for the arrangement.
Now I have one more lunch option to share with my friends and readers.

Zest Bar Cafe @ Glow by Zinc, Penang
Address:101, Jalan Macalister 10400 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. 
Contact number: +604-226 0084
GPS: 5.416627,100.322946

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