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Wild Wild West @ Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang

Sunway Hotel Georgetown is one of the most popular hotels in Penang.
It is located at the heart of Georgetown, Lorong Baru (Right beside Jalan Macalister) a street that is famous for all the delicious local food.

My last visit to Sunway Hotel was many years ago, way before they renovate the hotel and reopen.
It feels quite good to be back as it this hotel have been refurbished to a brand new one, and still maintains it's style and welcoming culture like the last time.

Sunway Hotel Georgetown is offering their buffet themed Wild Wild West featuring cowboy style buffet every Saturday night. All the waiters and waitresses dressed up as cowboy and cowgirl to serve around the restaurant throughout the night.

The refurbished Sunway Hotel looks much nicer and cleaner

The restaurant is located at the Ground Floor of the hotel,
you can easily find it once you have enter the hotel

Since it is a cowboy theme buffet, everything here decorated with some wild wild west style,
and you can also take pictures at the "Dead Or Alive" board.

The appetizer corner(Partially)

The were around 8 dishes on the hot dish area,
featuring western cuisine with choices of beef, lamb, chicken, fish and etc.

There are varieties of desserts available.
From cakes, puddings, ice cream and more/

Juices and coffee or tea also available

Three Beans Salad is one of the appetizer that caught my attention.
 I was attracted by the colour of it and I can think of healthy food when I look at this salad.

Beetroot is actually a very healthy fruit,
including it in the buffet dinner is such a good and healthy idea.

Crispy Sausage Salad could be children's favourite as I'm sure they cant resist sausages. So do I.

If you have read my posts before, they you would have know that I'm a pasta lover.
Making Pasta Salad is a rather healthy choices instead of oily and fattening cream and sauces.

Green Apple with Celery and Walnut Salad would definitely be a healthy appetizer.
Everything is green, together with crushed walnuts are really good combination.

There were other greens in this Chicken Cajun Salad that I forgot to take picture as I'm too focus with this well presented chicken slices. There were several vegetables available that you can make your own salad with your favourite sauces. 

Butter Rice with Almond Flakes smells quite good when I walk near it, it is also my first time trying fried rice with some almond flakes topping.
It tasted quite good too, except where I personally prefer my fried rice to be a bit burnt. 

Grilled Blackened Fish was rather flavourful together with some raw egg yolks.
I find boneless fish is always a good choice, as there are people who don't like fish with bones, like me. 

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Gravy is one of my favourite of the night.
I love the taste of the gravy, and there are real mushrooms in the sauce too. Chicken was rather tender and already taste good even without the gravy.

Grilled Lamb Chop with Rosemary Sauce is also my favourite as I'm rather into anything that cooked with rosemary. I also love the lamb here as there are not so oily like that we get out there.
The sauce is quite creamy and full with taste of rosemary.  

Chicken sausage is actually my favourite too. Chicken Frank with Light Pepper Sauce is rather good, thought I hope that they can get some better sausages. But the sauce that go with the chicken sausage was good. Not too spicy, just perfect to my liking.

Roasted Potato Wedges were quite good and healthy. I find that the buffet in Sunway Hotel focuses more on healthiness of the food they provide than just simply cook what people want. Roast the potato wedges is better than frying them with oil. Healthier but also very crispy. 

Saute Carrot, Cauliflower and French Bean was more into the original taste of the vegetables as it was just slight taste of salty. Simply healthy without any other seasoning nor sauces.

Raspberry Mousse Cake looks rather good, but too bad that I was too full for the mains so I didn't manage to have any desserts though. And yet Raspberry is my favourite berry.

Chocolate Fruit Tarts looks rather colourful with all the fruits on top and also quite chocolaty from the chocolate layer inside the tarts. 

The Black Forest looks rather special, also it is such a shame that I didn't try any of it.
I would have love it if they do not add any mint into this cake.

There are varieties of other French Pastries available at the desserts corner.
All of them looks rather appetizing and attractive. So remember to keep your stomach for them.

Texan Bread and Butter Pudding is rather special, as this is my first time seeing bread puddings with some raisins and other toppings to go with.

Fresh fruits are also available, remember to leave a part of your stomach empty for these healthier choice of dessert.

All you pudding lovers would fall in love with the puddings here!
The puddings look really good and there were 3 flavours of puddings available.

Ice cream corners, with several available toppings

One of the special of the night was this Roasted Lamb Leg. The chef will be there to serve you when you ask for some meat, you can order from the chef and they will cut it on the spot to keep it hot and fresh. 

Other than Roasted Lamb Leg, another special of the buffet here would be the DIY burger. The chefs will fry the patties for you and you can choose your own greens and sauces to go with your burgers. The size of the patties and burger buns are not big, it would be just nice as you still get to try other dishes. 

Wild Mushroom Soup is actually the bomb of the night. We were told that chef cook this soup on his own, without any instant products. We love the taste of the soup and also the herbs they used on this soup. Everything was mixed perfectly, just nice. 

There were mint sauce available for roasted lamb leg. The mint sauce is also made by the chef himself. It is just not just blended mint, but also with some other ingredients that I couldn't tell, but it was quite good to go with the lamb though.

Our very own DIY Burgers.

Other than the buffet promotions, Sunway Group has launched a new loyalty program recently.
They have came up with Sunway Pals, their new membership card that you can get to enjoy extra benefits when you spend at any of Sunway Group's properties, including hotel stays, theme park tickets, medical treatments and many more.
Furthermore it is totally FREE! So don't miss a chance to enjoy extra privileges when you can save more money for your wallet. 

Wild Wild West buffet will be available only on Saturday night. 
So to avoid disappointments, better call and make bookings before you go.
Don't forget to also grab a piece of Sunway Pals from Sunway Hotel Georgetown when you dine in so that you will get extra discounts!

Wild Wild West @ Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang.
Price: RM48.00++ per adult, RM23.00++ per child (Price will be different after April)
Address: 33, New Lane (Off Macalister Road), Georgetown, 10400 Penang, Malaysia
Contact number: +60 4 229 9988

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