Monday, April 6, 2015

Mi Band & Mi Box Invaded Penang!

I believe that many people are no longer unfamiliar with the brand XiaoMi as craze was once the top hit in Malaysia.
Many of you would have stay infront of the PC at 11:30am just to wait for the right timing to grab the XiaoMi Powerbank.

Now that the XiaoMi Powerbank craze is over, here comes another heat of XiaoMi with the product named Mi Band and Mi Box!

Following the trend of people's health consciousness level are increasing, Mi Band will now act as a health monitor device for you to live a better and healthier lifestyle.

The original Mi Band comes with a black wristband, and the box has got the charges and the Mi Band device and the charger.

Mi Band is actually water resistant, you can wear it when you swim, jog, bath or any activities.

The device itself is very small and light, and it has got 3 LED lights for functioning and notifications.

Some people would prefer more colour bands they can also see the options like green, blue, yellow or red. 

As usual, XiaoMi will only focus on their online business instead of any virtual store in Malaysia.
Therefore, people might desperately look for a shop just to buy XiaoMi items. 
And now I've found another option which is to order from my friend directly in Penang.

As mentioned earlier, Mi Band helps to monitor your health by counting your daily steps, and also the distance you walked for the whole day. 
Mi Band is compatible with all smartphones. We can just download Mi FIt app for the App Store or Google Play.

Other than monitoring your day time activities, Mi Band also helps to monitor your sleeping.
Some people may have face difficulties for their sleeping patterns and behaviour, and this is where Mi Band can blend in and help. 

To read more about Mi Band, you may go direct to the official website at below link 

Other than Mi Band, here's something that is very much needed by people nowadays.
Introducing Mi Box, the device that gives you endless drama, shows, movies and many more. 

Mi Box is a device that requires Wifi Connections to stream, apps are downloadable from the device itself. There are many popular apps like PPTV, PPS and many more available.

If you are a drama craze, I'm very sure that Mi Box would be the right device for you.
You can follow your favourite drama endlessly as long as you have a TV and also Wifi Connections to pair with Mi Box.

Japanese Anime, Korean Drama, Hong Kong Drama, Taiwan Entertainment shows and many more.
All are available as long as you have a Mi Box on hand to pair with your TV.

For full details and functions of Mi Box, you may refer to the below link:

For now, Mi Box is still not available in Malaysia's website, but guess what?
It is now available in Penang! Just go over to Bukit Jambul Mall and grab them from Mr.Teoh.
You can also grab MiBand from Mr.Teoh to save your shipping of RM25 that charge by XiaoMi when you order from their website, and you will get your stocks on the spot, together with the other colour of the bands which are not available in Malaysia's website.

Their shop, LKV Lucky Enterprise is located at 3rd floor of Bukit Jambul Mall.

Mi Band & Mi Box @ LKV Lucky Enterprise
Address: 3A-4-83, Bukit Jambul Kompleks, Jalan Rumbia, 11900 Pulau Pinang
Contact number: Mr.Teoh 016-4948404

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