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New A La Carte Menu by Guest Chef Mark Jarvis @ 1885, E&O Hotel Penang.

Last month, I have visit 1885 @ E&O Hotel for the special Gout de France / Good France event. Link below:

In this month of April, 1885 has launched their new a la carte menu prepared by their new Guest Chef, Chef Mark Jarvis that came all the way from London. 1885's new a la carte menu is no longer featuring contemporary cuisine, but it is now renown as Fresh & Vibrant London Cuisine which features Guest Chef Mark Jarvis's signature dishes specially created for 1885. 

Chef Mark Jarvis is a very talented chef that at the age of early 30’s and he managed to begins his own venture in London.  He is in his culinary journey for 11 years. He started as a chef de partie and managed to become an executive chef of the famous Bingham Richmond in year 2013 before he started his new venture.

In conjunction with this event, a small group of bloggers were invited again for their tasting menu where we get to try out their new dishes. This menu is now available from April onwards at 1885. So don't miss out the chance to try out their new dining experience in 1885. 

Please note that the pictures posted are the sampling dishes, the actual portion is actually larger. 
Thanks to E&O Hotel for hosting our meal on that day, it was indeed a pleasant one thanks to Eileen.

1885 is the outlet that named after the year of E&O Hotel was established

The Gold Room a.k.a VIP Room of 1885 was rather classy and elegant, it is also available for booking for meetings and dinner, where you will get to enjoy some private time with your family, friends or colleagues.

Left: Chef Mark Jarvis (Guest Menu)
Right: Chef Partiben (Chef de Cuisine)

Premium Grade Tuna Loin
Soy Sauce and White Truffle Oil Emulsion
The Starter was a rather pleasant and welcoming one. The tune was extremely fresh and it was cut into a rather chewable sizes. We can taste the sweetness from the fresh Tuna itself and the soy sauce made by the chef blended well with the Tuna. French chives were added into this starter to further improve the taste of the Tuna and it was simply delicious.
Highly recommended!

Garlic Butter and Parsley Crust
I got rather excited when I saw Escargot was on the menu. Escargot is one of my favourite food especially when I think about how creamy it can be with cheese baked style. Instead of the common cheese baked style, Chef Mark Jarvis did something rather uncommon and it can rarely be seen in Penang. He is good in utilising herbs to maximise the taste and flavour of the fresh Escargot, the parsley crust was rather fresh and blended well with the garlic butter.
Highly recommended!

Rougié Foie Gras
Spiced Mango Chutney with Orange Scented Brioche
This foie gras was rather unusual from what I've tasted before. What usually available out there are either pan fried or grilled foie gras. But Chef Mark Jarvis uses a rather special ways to cook his foie gras, he needs at least 2 days to prepare and every step has to be very precise and careful.

I placed the pastry at the bottom and topped it up with the Mango Chutney and foei gras then eat it like that. The foie gras was really creamy and the sea salt added a slight salty flavour of it to make it less heavy for consumption. Having it together with the mango chutney and brioche made this dish balanced up the whole dish.
Must try!

Spring Chicken stuffed with Foie Gras
Young Corn, Morel and Madeira Sauce
My main was this crispy chicken stuffed with foie gras. The outer layer of the chicken was rather crispy. The corn they used are not the canned corns but a fresh one. Morel was flavourful and it has absorbed the sauce when they cook it. The sauce tasted something like marmite sauce, but it was rather special to me as it was a little sour and sweet at the same time.
Must try!

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek
Onion Cream and Dark Soy Glaze
If you really know me, you would know that I never take beef. But I do know that wagyu beef is one of the top quality beef. Cooking it in the right way will give the diners the most memorable dish ever. Anyway, I did tried the onion cream and it was just perfect to go with the main, especially the sauce that goes with it, simply perfect!

After our mains, we were given a glass of sorbet to cleanse our taste buds. I can taste lemongrass, lime and also cucumber in this sorbet. It was a bit sour and completely refreshing, you will be ready for desserts any minute after this sorbet.

Coconut Parfait
Malibu Parfait, Coconut Joconde Biscuit, Mango Chutney
The taste of Malibu was rather strong in the parfait itself. And it is just nice to go with the joconde biscuit which tasted like coconut tarts. Everything was great when you top it with the chutney that made by the chef himself with all the fresh fruits.

"Fresh & Vibrant London cuisine", this is what you will be expecting. 
Creative, unique, patient and every single effort that given by Chef Mark Jarvis to create this menu can be seen from his dishes. I believe that this is something new in Penang as it is not easy to find a good place with fine food and fine dining experiences. Why not give 1885, a restaurant in a Heritage Hotel with colonial style and famous for its food and services a try?

New A La Carte Menu by Guest Chef Mark Jarvis @ 1885, E&O Hotel Penang. 
Address: 10, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Contact number: 04 - 2222000
Business hours: 7:00pm - 10:30pm
GPS: 5.423252,100.336115

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