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St. Presso Coffee @ Elit Avenue, Penang

We all know that there are more and more cafes opened in Penang. But how many of them can serve a cup of good coffee? That is what we always question people about. 
Anyway, towards the Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas industrial area, it is still not easy to find good cafes around.
St. Presso Coffee is one of the new cafe around the area opened for less than a year, offering good coffee with some sandwiches at the cafe. Cakes and other pastries are also available.
St.Presso Coffee is located at Elit Avenue, one of the newest SOHO building in Penang. It is just next to Giant Supermarket Bayan Baru.

Indoor and outdoor seatings available,
so you can also enjoy good coffee here even if you are a smoker.

St.Presso Coffee opens from 12pm until 12am daily.

The ambience and layout of the cafe are pretty awesome, 
perfect hideout place for me to relax especially during weekends.

They also offer set lunch where you can select their choices of sandwiches and drinks. 

St.Presso Coffee also sells their very own Tumbler, you might want to grab one as it is a lot cheaper compared to Starbucks' tumblers.

Even the choices of designs are pretty cool too

" all you need is love & a good cup of coffee"

There are plenty of power points for people who would love to hanging out and charge their laptops/phones. This place is also great for working and meeting clients too. 

The display cabinets displaying quite a number of cakes and pastries. Juices are available too.

St.Presso Coffee uses medium roast coffee beans named as BES Blend. It is imported from Brazil/Ethiopia/Sumatra. It usually tasted nutty and fruity for a perfect brew. Other than that, there are seasonal coffee beans available here too. Guatemala Antigua and Ethiopia Sidamo Red Cherry Natural are seasonal coffee beans from would taste different depending on certain season or months.. It is usually has a bit of fruity and nutty flavour in it. 

Cafe Latte is my usual coffee, priced at RM10.00. Whenever I go to new cafes, I will order Cafe Latte to try out the quality of their coffee. It is the most accurate drink to taste whether the coffee is good or bad.
The acidity of this cup of latte is average, pretty good for my liking, and froth milk was very smooth, temperature is perfect for sipping. 

Piccolo Latte is priced at RM9.00. Piccolo Latte will be stronger as there will be less milk compared with Cafe Latte. We picked another type of coffee bean for this Piccolo Latte, it tasted a bit fruity and nutty. And this coffee bean is slightly bitter, not much of acidic. My favourite type of coffee.

Hazelnut Chocolate Blended is one of the best seller in St.Presso Coffee. Priced at RM13.50 and would be just perfect if you are not a coffee person. It serves as a perfect drink for sweet tongue. Taste of Hazelnut blended pretty well with Chocolate, proportion is just right. 

Cafe Mocha would be my second choice if I don't feel like having Cafe Latte. Chocolate and coffee is always a perfect match. Even I myself will have some chocolate bar accompanied with some nice coffee. Mocha here was pretty smooth, the post drinking feeling was a bit of bitterness from coffee accompanied with some taste of chocolate. 

Green Apple Yogurt, priced at RM13.50. A healthier choice for those who do not like coffee. Yogurt is also one of my favourite. There are puff rice added so you can also munch while enjoying the drink. This drink is rather refreshing as it tasted just like an sour apple. Healthy and lovely.

Green Tea Latte would usually be my choice when I'm feeling "no coffee day". Green Tea Latte here was quite creamy and smell great, but it wasn't too sweet and too strong of green tea flavour. It would be just great if you would like something not too strong. Priced at RM11.00 for a cup.

Melted Triple Cheese is one of the best selling item in this St.Presso Coffee. Priced at RM15.50 together a side of homemade coleslaw. There are 3 types of cheese in this sandwich, which are Cheddar cheese, Edam cheese and Gouda cheese. This sandwich might require quite some time to prepare as we were told that they need to toast both side of the breads, total 6 slices of them before they could stuff all those cheeses into them. And the cheese would melt in between the hot toast perfectly. Highly recommended!

Every bite was very cheesy but it wasn't too heavy as Edam & Gouda only served as flavour for this sandwich.

The homemade coleslaw is made fresh daily. There were raisins and yellow onion in it too, which is why I love this coleslaw so much. It is just healthy and perfect for a light meal or to go with sandwiches. 

Prawn and Egg Sandwich is priced at RM16.50. It is served cold usually. It is curry mayonnaise in the filling that made it looks yellowish. The size of the prawns are quite big, considered rather generous portion together with eggs too. This sandwich is rather special and I really like it as it is not too heavy and yet so delicious. Highly recommended! 

If you are a vegetarian, you can try their Sauteed Grey Mushroom Sandwich, priced at RM13.50 each. But do take note that there are caramelised sweet onion in this sandwich though. The portion of the mushroom is quite generous and it will make you real full even if you come with empty stomach. 

Grilled Chicken Thigh Sandwich is also available on the menu, priced at RM16.00 and also one of the best seller in this cafe. The chicken thigh is only lightly marinated with black pepper and thyme as the homemade sauce was rather flavourful. If you have a big appetite then you should go for this one as it is rather heavy. 

KY, the owner of St.Presso Coffee is a friend of mine and he gave quite some knowledge of coffee during our visit. It is amazing of how coffee can taste different from the methods of brewing, from the coffee beans blending all the way to frothing a great pot of milk to pouring. We are glad to know so much of coffee from KY. 

Recently, St.Presso Coffee also added loyalty systems to provide more special promotions to their loyal customers. The member card is charged at one-time enrollment fee only, which is at RM10.00 for a lifetime membership. You can collect points which is RM1.00 for 1 point and there are no expiry date for the points. Points accumulated can be used to redeem their items on the menu

St.Presso Coffee @ Elit Avenue, Penang
Address: 1-1-50, Elit Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3 11950 Penang. 
Contact no: +604-6116577
Business hours: Daily 12:00pm - 12:00am
GPS: 5.322072,100.282732

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