Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Groovy Driving Fit Sunshade @ Steamjet Technology Ent, Krystal PointPenang.

I'm pretty sure all of you would agree with me that we all can't stand the heat in Malaysia, especially in the afternoon time where the direct sunlight that could almost kill us. 
I personally do not like to be exposed to the hot sun, nor letting the sun touch my skin directly, especially the UV rays that can cause skin diseases or cancers.
Furthermore, our government in Malaysia do not allowed car tinted to be too dark and which is why people came up with so many alternative ideas.

Recently I've introduced to a Sunshade which I found very useful, especially for our own's privacy sake.

Groovy is a brand from Thailand that it produces Sunshades that can help keep the sun away from drivers, at the same time giving protections to drivers by blocking the sight of people from the outside, especially towards female drivers who always carry big bags.

Currently STE Auto Detailing is one of the outlet in Penang that sells Groovy Sunshade.
It is not so common in Penang yet, so it is hard to find those shades.

Groovy Sunshades are custom made according to the model of your car and the size of your car window, which means it will definitely fit to your car.

Installing Groovy Sunshade is pretty easy, but with the service provided by STE Auto Detailing, you can save all your efforts. You just need to leave ur car with them for around 30minutes and everything will be done.

It may require a bit more time, but it is all worth it just to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Groovy Sunshade fits perfectly into my car, Proton Saga as it is all custom made according to the measurement of my car window.

After installing Groovy Sunshade, the people from outside cant really see what's inside your car unless you get really close.

Before and after installing Groovy Sunshade, can you see the difference?
And my car do not have second layer of tint, only the basic car tint.

I do feel really safe after installing Groovy Sunshades, and furthermore I don't have to worry about getting stop by police. 

One thing good about Groovy Sunshade is that even after you installed it, you can also take it down anytime you want. Taking it down and putting it up is pretty easy though.

With Groovy Sunshade, I feel much safer avoiding the sight of motorbike riders and also my bags nor anything from my car will be seen by the passer by.

Groovy Sunshade is totally legal and police will not question you much, except if they are also interested to know where did you get those sunshades, just like how my friends questioned me when I drive them.

STE Auto Detailing is basically an auto shop that provides car coated to protect your car from scratches and dirt. They also helps to wash your car together with your engines. Not many shops in Penang that helps people to do this just yet. But you will get more surprises if you were to visit this shop by yourself and you will realize there are so many services available. They can simply make your car brand new with some simple touches of latest technology.

Other services of STE Auto Detailing are below:
C.Quartz/C.Quartz UK/ C.Quartz Finest
-Car body Surface Coating
C.Quartz DLUX
-Plastic and wheel Coat
C.Quartz FlyBy30
-Glass Protection
C.Quartz Fabric and Leather Coat
Permanon Platinum surface protection
-Germany Chemical free surface protection
Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax
-Premium UK No 1 Hand made waxes.
3M & Autosol Nano Wax.

Steamjet Technology Ent (STE) Auto Detailing @ Krystal Point Penang
Address: 1-1-1, Krystal Point 2, Lebuh Bukit Kecil 6, Bayan Lepas, Penang. 
Contact number:+6012 - 4818885 / +6012 - 4046060
Business hours: (Monday to Saturday) 9:30am - 6:30pm
GPS: 5.3312927,100.2975153
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