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Say I-Do in Style with G Hotel Kelawai

After the first G Hotel in year 2007 at Gurney Drive, G Hotel Kelawai is now one of the latest and modest hotel in Penang!
Earlier this 2015, G Hotel Kelawai came up and tagged as "Style ... Redefined".

In G Hotel Kelawai, there are total of 6 rooms named as Forum 1 - 6 while Forum 5 & 6 are dedicated to cater to your intimate wedding dinners.
These special forums do have indoor and our door seatings which can accommodate to your different needs for your wedding themes and it can host up to 12 tables with 10 persons on the table.

On that night itself, we get to try out the Intimate Package which is priced at RM1388 per table.
The couples will still get to custom on the packages to fit their requirements, but all packages require a minimum of 10 tables.

One of the special little treatment when you have your wedding in G Hotel Kelawai is an exclusive complimentary stay at the Executive Room with breakfast included.
Wedding packages in G Hotel Kelawai comes with 8 courses of Chinese set dinner menu specially created by their chefs. The guests will also get to choose from the menu with wide selection of dishes.

G Hotel Kelawai also offers complimentary pre-dinner cocktails tidbits for all the guests. 

The space for pre-dinner cocktails are rather spacious and elegant, which is just perfect for extra arrangements like photo-booth set up, wedding decorations and many more. 

One of the best thing to have your wedding with G Hotel is that you can save up a lot of efforts and money for the special benefits that you will get from G Hotel Event Team.

There are several packages for you to choose, be it western style, Chinese style, Malay style or any style you want it to be. Everything can be arrange as long as you can provide your requirements. 

Other than weddings, I believe some couples would like to have their anniversary dinner too, which is pretty common especially for old couples which have been through all the years together, so G Hotel would be a great host for you.

As I've mentioned the benefits you will get from G Hotel earlier, G Hotel do provide wedding invitation cards, which can save you a lot of money for printing and designing. 
And there are also wedding checklist that helps you to monitor and arrange every single little thing for your wedding ceremony or wedding dinner arrangement to make sure you have a perfect and memorable wedding. 

Other than that, Guest Signature Book is also prepared by G Hotel to let your guests leave some lovely messages for you and your loved one. Everything will be arranged by the G Hotel, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your wedding.

For the starter, G Hotel served four hot and combinations platters. There are Kerabu mango with Crystal Dried Prawns, Crispy Coconut Prawn Roll, Baked Mussels with Cheese and Fresh Scallops with Macadamia Nuts. Pretty much of variety and you will definitely love it if you are a seafood lover. Not to mention that the seafood were fresh and even the presentation is beautiful. 

Our second dish was Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Eight Treasures, one of the recommended courses by Chef Ong, Executive Sous Chef of G Hotel. The eight treasures are real shark's fin, dried scallops from Japan, crab meat, sea cucumber, fish maw, fish lips, mushroom and bamboo shoot. G Hotel also participate in helping the environment and guests can have options to replace Shark's Fin with other ingredients like fish maw, crab meat, and etc.  

Roasted Pi Pa Duck Combination with Strawberry Chicken dish rather delightful and as they are both very crispy. They were both very delicious, especially the Strawberry Chicken which is so special and new to me. I guess this is a must try for the dinner menu. 

Another favourite of mine would be this Fried Shell-less Prawns with Golden Salted Egg Yolk Sauce. You can decide on your own whether to leave the head and tail or to remove it. As some Chinese would want things to have beginning(head) and end(tail). 

Braised Kwai Fei Abalone and Fresh Fish Maw with Broccoli made one of my favourite dish of the night. It was rather delightful and all the ingredient were just cooked to its perfection especially the broccoli. It is also one of the must dishes for Chinese Wedding for the vegetable dishes.

Steamed Cod Fish in Supreme Soya Sauce is very delicious as the sliced cod fish are very fresh and the steaming was just perfect. the homemade sauce by chef is rather tasty and flavourful. The soft well-steamed cod fish and the flavourful sauce just blended perfectly and made me want more. 

Smoked Salmon Pineapple Fried Rice in Pineapple Boat was a great surprise. Never thought that smoked salmon could blend so well in pineapple fried rice that made it rather special. The presentation of this fried rice made it look appetizing as the pineapple boat as well as the colour of the fried rice look just great. 

Chilled Mango with Lychee Pop was a pleasant surprise from G Hotel. Especially on the Lychee Pop itself that the juices pop out from every bite. The mango soup can blend well with the vanilla ice cream and makes it rather delicious with the lychee juice from the pop balls. 

Thanks to Chef Ong, the Executive Sous Chef of G Hotel, also the one cooking all those delicious dishes for us. Not forget to thanks G Hotel team for hosting us that wonderful evening.

If you are planning on your wedding dinner, G Hotel might be able to help you with all the wedding planning and also assist u with what you might be needing. 

If you have your wedding dinner with G Hotel, here are the extra benefits you will get:
  1. Complimentary pre-dinner cocktail tidbits
  2. 3-tier wedding cake for cake cutting ceremony
  3. champagne fountain set-up with 2 bottles of sparkling juice for toasting
  4. complimentary guest signature book
  5. delectable cake giveaway to all wedding guests
For any wedding dinner reservation and enquiries, you may call contact G Hotel at +604 - 2380000 or email them at

Say I-Do in Style with G Hotel Kelawai

Address: 2, Persiaran Maktab 10250 Penang
Contact number: +6 04 - 219 0000
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.435551,100.309931

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