Friday, May 15, 2015

Launching of OUD by Josh Lee Fragrances @ Loke Thye Kee

Are you missing the smell of your home? The smell where there's a clash between the sea and the smell of nature?
If you are a fan of some refreshing scent, then OUD by Josh Lee Fragrances would be able to attract you. 

This woody oriental fragrance captures the rich biodiversity of the Malaysian Rainforests. It opens with fresh notes of dawn break and follows by a medley note of indigenous spices, herbs and floras before unfurling the elegant yet exotic oud accord of its precious trees. - Josh Lee

Invited by Josh Lee himself, I've attended the launching of OUD by Josh Lee Fragrances at Loke Thye Kee Restaurant located at Burma Road. Which used to be one of the signature landmark in Penang. Thank you for having me that evening. 

OUD by Josh Lee
Heritage Through Scent

OUD by Josh Lee is basically scent of Malaysian Rainforest, where the smell of nature, signature trees, spices that can only be obtained in Malaysia. Which is why it makes this perfume so special, and it can be recognised as the scent of Malaysia.   

George Town by Josh Lee was Josh's first product, which featured the scent of Penang and also the world's first heritage city fragrance. George Town by Josh Lee is also created on the 7th of July, which marked as the World's Heritage Day, perfectly fit for the idea of the perfume itself. 

I'm lucky to get to try out the scent of OUD, which is so refreshing and long lasting.
The scent was rather pleasant with the smell of wood mixture, but also refreshing with the touch of citrus, where we can find youth in the smell of elegant. 

Loke Thye Kee also served as the best location for the launch of OUD by Josh Lee, where I can capture KOMTAR, the one and only tallest building in Penang. Which represented Penang so much.  

Josh talked about how he created George Town by Josh Lee and also OUD by Josh Lee on that night.
He shared about how excited he was when his perfume is popular not only among the locals but also one of the favourite of tourists. Which is why we can find his perfume in most of the tourist attractions or places like hotels, shopping malls and etc. And it is now available all over Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak!

Apart from his success, he also invited his family to share this achievement together.
Where they launched OUD by Josh Lee together, sharing all the joy and happiness with his family.

Guests that attended the event also get to try out the samples of OUD by Josh Lee

OUD by Josh Lee
The Scent of Malaysian Rainforest For Him & Her

For now, Josh Lee Fragrances is available at selected hotels, airport, shopping malls around Malaysia. Other than that, you may also order from the website itself and delivery is available.
Price for products of Josh Lee Fragrances is as per below:
OUD by Josh Lee - RM160.00 (50ml)
George Town by Josh Lee- RM118.00(50ml)

For more info, you may visit Josh Lee Fragrances website or Facebook page.

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