Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Laser OPS @ 1st Avenue Mall, Penang

Do you love shooting?
Are you always hoping to be in a paintball game but you are afraid of the pain being shot?
Well now we have a better and modern option for you to have fun!

Laser OPS is coming into Malaysia with a better technology and equipment that can let you enjoy shooting games with your friends without pain.
Laser OPS is now invading Penang, opened up its new outlet in 1st Avenue Mall Penang months ago and getting popular among Penangites especially among the teenagers and young adults.
Laser OPS is located at 3rd floor, just right before the Escape Room, also one of the best popular games.

So... Are you game?

There are peak and off peak rates available, and prices differentiate by missions you play.
Off-peak would be from Monday to Friday, priced at RM18.00 for 1 mission or RM36.00 for 3 missions per person.
Peak would be on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, priced at RM21.00 for 1 mission or RM42.00 for 3 missions per person.

There will be 2 colour teams in Laser OPS, which are green and red.
If you are going in a group, 4 to 8 persons in a team would be the best fun in the game.

Before entering the game, all of you will have to gather at the briefing room to understand the game rules and also how to play the game. Because there are 3 different styles for 3 different missions in the game.

The team Grean

And the team Red

Hence, we are ready for the game.
We were only a group of 4 persons, so we have to divide into only 2 persons in a team.
Chloe Cheng from, Ling Tze from, Emily from and I were there participants.

During the game, you will get to see your team scores.
So you can actually monitor your team performances and try to chase your rival team during the game.

The venue was rather big, so you will get quite tired from running and hiding during the game.
Of course, what matters most is safety of your own, so avoid running as it is quite dark inside and you might knock down by the obstacles.

One of the mission would be sneaking to the team's gate and shoot their gate to earn scores.
The highest score would win the game.
But getting to the rival's gate without getting notice would be the biggest challenges, cause you have to avoid yourself from being shoot.

After you have finished your game, there are also merchandises available.
You can grab something like certificate or medals for the winning team.

You will get these cards in order to register yourself for the game.

In individual shooting, I won the first game as I killed them most.
Lol I'm just good at playing games.

You can also have fun with all the tags available for photography.

Pink, Emily's top favourite colours.

During team games, Ling Tze and I teamed up and against Emily and Chloe.

In game 2, Ling Tze and I were in a team.
But still I got the highest scores, which pulled up our team score as Ling Tze don't really played well. XD

A group photo after the game, we were kinda "wet" from all the shooting, running and hiding.

Some tips you might want to take note.
My advise would be wear less cloth, as it gets quite hot when you are enjoying the game.

Look at how "wet" I was from all the sweating.

Overall it is very fun. But it would be better if you were to go with more friends as you can have more fun and practice teamwork. 
I would also suggest this game for team-building as it practices team works during the second and third missions.

Laser OPS @ 1st Avenue Mall, Penang
Address: Level 3-33, Avenue Mall, Lebuh Lintang, George Town, 10300 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Contact no: +604 - 2519092
GPS: 5.4130871,100.3309397

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