Thursday, September 10, 2015

Warrior FC Combat Carnivale @ Khoo Kongsi Penang

Being the first ever of its kind, Warrior FC Combat Carnivale is happening on 19th September 2015!
WFC - Warrior Fighting Championship is powered by REEBOK and supported by KBS- Kementerian Belia & Sukan. 
Being innovative and different, this event will be held at Khoo Kongsi, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Penang this year by bringing along the famous DJ Ramsey Westwood, DJ Jenni-F and the champion DJ RayRay accompanied by Lay Sha, the Korea K-Pop Sexy Dancer. 

In this Carnivale, there will be 10 bouts of fights, where there will be 20 fighters (male and female) and with a 4 man Grand Prix Title Belt battle. It is all happening at Khoo Kongsi Penang, and it is one of the most perfect locations in Penang for this kind of ring battle!

There are 2 types of tickets as follow:
Lucky Draw
Free Average/Alcohol (x1)
2 weeks Free Trial pass at K-One Martial Arts Academy, Penang. The official gym sponsor.
After event PARTY

VIP seat Cage Side
Lucky Draw
Free beverage / alcohol (x2)
Complimentary Light Food
2 weeks Free Trial pass at K-One Martial Arts Academy, Penang 
After event PARTY

Tickets can be purchased at the below places, or you may contact WFC at their ticketing helpline at +6018 4700375 or +6018 3829088

As this is an one day event, so don't miss it out!
Grab this opportunity to watch these fights that you could have never imagine!
Let's grab a ticket and be there early! Stay until late to party! 

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