Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bark & Bean Pet Wellness Lounge @ Pantai Jerejak, Penang

Being one of the most unique cafes in Penang, Bark & Bean Pet Wellness Lounge has successfully caught the attentions of all pet owners at the Northern region.
Bark & Bean opened its door around September 2015 and started to serve all the cute doggies in Penang with their specialty pies, cakes, cookies and many more pet friendly foods specially prepared for your furkids.

I've visited the cafe somewhere around last month and it was a pleasant surprise for an animal lover like me to be surrounded by all the cute doggies at the cafe!

Bark & Bean is located near Terminal Sungai Nibong Penang. It is at the opposite side of the terminal, just about a stone throw away from the Petron Gas Station @ Pantai Jerejak.

For pet owners, I believe you are no stranger to The Fox Butler, one of the well known pet store in Penang. Bark & Bean is opened right next to this famous pet shop.

There are outdoor and indoor seatings which are convenient for all the pet owners and the pets themselves. The whole cafe is fenced for the safety of your pets, so you don't have to worry about your pets running out from the cafe. But it is best to watch your own pets to avoid any unwanted incidents too.

 Some cute signages about dogs are placed all around the cafe. 

Do take note that there are some basic rules to follow if you are bringing your pets with you. 
All these rules are to ensure the customers' and pets' safety and comfort.

The indoor seatings are air-conditioned. Your friendly dogs can hang around the cafe but please remember to put on your diapers at all times for hygiene purposes.

Some of the lovely memories of the customers.

Spacious indoor seatings where pet owners can make friends with each other and let their furkids meet each other.

Some simple and cute decorations around the cafe

These dog tails are so cute aren't they!?


Here's the thing, all the food available at Bark & Bean are only available for the furkids and not for human. But they are also edible to human only they are quite tasteless for us as it is rather healthy for the furkids.

As for us, we can order the bottled drinks available. I personally love the Tapping Tapir very much.

I ordered a bottle of The Tapping Tapir, the Orange & Jasmine flavour and enjoyed myself at the cafe while playing with the residence dogs.

Some of the cute accessories available for sale at the cafe.

These bow tie are cute don't you think?

Now let's move to some cute photos shall we?
There are a few of them, but during my visit I only managed to meet only 3 of them, 1 Pomeranian and 2 Maltese. 

They are all super friendly and welcoming. They are indirectly promoting the cafe as waiter and waitresses usually waiting for customers to enter the cafe.

He is simply adorable!!!! I'm really weak to cute animals!

Next to is The Fox Butler, one of the well known pet store in Penang.
They are offering pet hotel, grooming, spa and they also sell quite a number of local and imported products specially caters to all your furkids.
Cute dog houses in the pet shop.

You might wanna visit the store to find out what you might be needing for your furkids.

Bark & Bean Pet Wellness Lounge for your lovely furkids.

Bark & Bean Pet Wellness Lounge @ Pantai Jerejak, Penang
Address: 18, Jalan Pantai Jerejak, Sungai Nibong 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Contact no: +604-6577388
Email: barkandbean@gmail.com
GPS: 5.3446063,100.3021339

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