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Gong Xi Fa Chai Buffet Dinner & Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet Dinner @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang

It's the time of the year again that we all will get together and sit down for feast and celebrations.
And this year, E&O Hotel is offering special promotions for this year's Chinese New Year with their newly added promotions. 

The well know restaurant Sarkies is serving their buffet feast as usual. But what most attractive are the highlighted delicious Chinese dishes that specially prepared on the buffet spreads for their Chinese New Year buffet dinner themed Gong Xi Fa Chai Buffet Dinner this year.
Let's run through some of the dishes that we have been served.

Gong Xi Fa Chai Buffet Dinner
7th to 13th February 2016 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
RM133.30 nett (Adult)
RM60.95 nett (Child)
Add RM66 nett for free flow of wines & beers

Before we started our meal, we were served with a plate of prosperity Salmon & Baby Abalone Yee Sang and had the Yee Sang tossing ceremony to welcome a better year ahead. It was a warm welcome we bloggers had fun tossing the yee sang.

Salmon Yee Sang is available on the buffet spread and if you are booking for 6 person and above in a single table, you can also request for an extra portion just for your table upon booking. Salmon slices comes with the Yee Sang while Baby Abalone is available as an add-on with additional charges. 

Toss for the prosper!
Toss for the luck!
Toss for a better Year of Monkey ahead!

First we have got this Lotus Rice with Chicken Meat and Mushroom to start our meal. The aroma of the lotus leaves can be smelled the moment we opened up the dish cover. Rice is one of the most important dishes and we all Chinese are very particular in our rice during reunion dinner or Chinese New Year. With this kind of rice would anyhow better than the normal plain rice. 

The second dish we tried was Braised Soya Chicken with Black Mushroom that tasted rather home cooking style. It feels pretty heartwarming that I can taste my aunty's delicious dishes here where not many places can do. It would be just great for family gatherings who did not cook for this year.

A plate of goodness and fragrant dish with nice aroma of Black Mushrooms.

 When it comes to our Chinese tradition, fish is a must in our gathering meal. Steamed Fish with Nyonya Sauce is available as a part of the Gong Xi Fa Chai Buffet Dinner menu. The sweet and sour Nyonya sauce was rather appetizing and good to go with rice. Just perfect for a round table meal.
 One believe of Chinese is that they will not finish the fish dish as it means something good for the Chinese. The meaning of this is referring to the word fish() is also the same pronunciation with extra(), so leftover fish dish will bring the good meaning of the term 年年有余 as it serve as a part of Chinese New Year dishes(年菜). 

Another delectable dish would be the Sautéed Seasonal Vegetable with Two Treasure Mushroom with some perfectly cooked broccoli and mushrooms. 
 Vegetable dish is usually my favourite dish and the perfectly done broccoli would be my favourite of all time with the salty and sweet sauce for the dish.

Golden is one of the most prosperous colour for Chinese and this Wok Fried Prawns with Oat and Butter just served perfectly to match with the festive season. The prawns were fried to golden brown and coated with oat and butter, one of my most favourite cooking styles of prawns. It was simply buttery and delicious as oats and butter are such a perfect combination.

Not forget to mention that prawns served to us were really fresh and the sweetness from inside the prawns are simply delicious! 

One thing we should not miss when we visit Sarkies is their E&O Signature Roasted Duck. The roasted duck in here is already well known and also popular among locals. Their Roasted Duck is so well seasoned and properly roasted. The skin of the duck was slightly crispy and topped with the sauce that served made this dish simply delicious and unforgettable! 

Another highlight would be on the Steamed Herbal Soup that specially prepared by E&O Hotel's chef. It will be available throughout the whole Chinese New Year season.

After long hours of cooking, the soup was very tasty and the chicken meats were soft. You can tell that the chef has put some efforts in cooking the soup and it totally feels being at home with this kind of Chinese dishes.

The most delectable dish of all would be this Sea Treasure Seafood Soup that features the fresh crab meat and fish maw that bring the greatest sweetness from seafood and made this dish so great.

The soup was rather thick and filled with a lot of fish maws and crab meats that served as a great and auspicious dish to all diners.

After savouring all the delicious Chinese dishes on the buffet spread, now it is time to move to the Steamboat Buffet Dinner themed Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet Dinner that will be available at the Sarkies Corner featuring the freshest ingredients prepared by the hotel.

Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet Dinner
7th to 13th February 2016 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
RM88.00 nett (Adult)
RM44.00 nett (Child)
Limited seats available. Maximum 80pax only.

Choices of broth
 Chicken Soup, Tom Yum Soup  or Herbal Soup

If you prefer the traditional type of reunion dinners, perhaps you could aim for Eastern & Oriental Hotel's Steamboat buffet meal at the Sarkies Corner, one of the oldest restaurant in Penang. The Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet Dinner will be available from 7th to 9th February 2016 only, which means this promotions only valid for 3 days.

There vegetable selections are steamboat must have tang hao, long cabbage, chinese spinach, nai pak and others including local choy sum, iceberg lettuce, local lettuce, siew pak choy leek, and carrots. 
We also had shimeji mushroom, shitake mushroom, golden mushroom, abalone mushroom while they also offered yellow noodle, koay teow, bee hoon, glass noodle, my favourite udon noodle on the noodle selections.

Meanwhile, we also had some of the freshest ingredients at the steamboat buffet ingredients here. 

 E&O Hotel brings in prawns, crabs, bamboo clams, fresh scallops, and mussels for their seafood selections and we also had chicken slices, beef slices, fish slices and also filament sticks and crab balls on the spread.

A pot that combined the best and freshest ingredients that best to served in a pot of hot boiling steamboat.
P/S: The crab looks like it is enjoying its steam bath. 

What could be better than savouring a hot pot of goodness and scrumptious seafood & meats meal? 
Of course not forgetting the thick and rich soup after cooking all the delicious food in the pot.

Moving to the end, we had some of the desserts that are available at both Sarkies & Sarkies Corner.
Whether you book for the Gong Xi Fa Chai Buffet Dinner or Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet Dinner, you will get to enjoy some of all the desserts below.

Red Bean Glutinous Rice Ball Soup

Assorted Pastries, one of my favourite Chinese delicacies.
Simply crispy and delicious! 

These mini egg tarts look rather cute aren't they? 

Mango Pudding 

Chinese Tea Chiffon Cake was a unique desserts that we have never tried before. It was rather soft and smooth in texture and not too sweet with a hint of orange. Just perfect to my liking!

 The way this Semolina Almond Cake presented were quite unique. 

It was quite soft and just nice to have it after a meal.

Gong Xi Fa Chai Buffet Dinner
7th to 13th February 2016 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
RM133.30 nett (Adult)
RM60.95 nett (Child)
Add RM66 nett for free flow of wines & beers

Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet Dinner
7th to 13th February 2016 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
RM88.00 nett (Adult)
RM44.00 nett (Child)
Limited seats available. Maximum 80pax only.

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