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Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House @ Sungai Dua, Penang

It's always lovely when you walk into a bakery shop and what welcomes is the smell of some nice pastries and cakes.
Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House located at Sungai Dua area basically fulfilled the criteria to be one good bakery as the moment you open the door and its exceptionally aromatic smell of pastries came into directly into your face.

Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House was founded in year 2011 and now opened up to 7 outlets in total in Malaysia highlight all the delicious and healthy breads to all their customers and also offering baking academy courses for those who would like to venture into baking career. 

I've personally visited one of their new outlet in Sungai Dua that just opened last year located in the same building as the brand new U Hotel Penang. The building can easily be seen if you are driving along Jalan Sungai Dua as it is right next to Tesco Xtra Penang. 

Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House emphasizes on healthy breads. All their breads are low in fat and raw sugar, no high trans fat margarine products, and the use of whole grain flour, butter, fruits, vegetables, and yeast that strictly adheres to the measurement and conversion guide to ensure the texture and taste of their baking products would be retained as they are meant to be.

Natural Yeast is the method they used in their healthy breads, though it takes longer time to bake and more jobs to be done, but nevertheless health is their main concern and their principles of baking.

Apart from bakery, this brand in Sungai Dua is also a Cafe that provides tables and chairs with cozy ambience to all their customers. Customers can choose to order their choices of pastries, a cup of coffee, sit back and relax at the cafe.

There are also plenty of choices on their drinks menu that offers from hot beverages, healthy tea, fresh juices and to ice blended drinks.

The cafe is rather spacious and cozy, and the pastries corner has features more than 50 types of breads displayed at the cabinet for customers to choose.

Some of the available choices are as below:

Loaf breads are also available at the bakery.

 Below are some of the pastries and goodies we had. Some of the highlights are as follows: most items are their best seller throughout all the branches in Malaysia.

Egg Pudding (RM10.00 for 4pcs) Highly recommended
Now this is something quite new to me and rather interesting looking pudding. I like they way they presented the pudding by putting it in empty eggshells like how our parents or grandparents did to our jelly and pudding. It did recall some of our memories isn't it?

The pudding was rather smooth and not too sweet. 
It was rather good and it really deserves the best seller title in the bakery.

Hanjuku Cheese (RM4.20 per pc or RM20.00 for 4pcs) Must try
This is something I was looking forward to taste. I'm a big fan when it comes to something to do with cheese. Especially when I've tasted the one at Lavender Bakery in KL where it has the same product.

Hanjuku Cheese is the cheese that they use a slight bake method that to make sure the surface of the cheese is cooked and the inside is still pretty fresh. The one in Butter & Olive is rather spongy, but still it melts in your mouth the moment it enters your mouth.

Below are some of the highlights:
Dinosaur Egg Bread (RM4.20)
The outer layer of the breads made it crispy and pretty good I would say. The kind of breads that I'm really into.

Green Tea Signature Bun (RM3.80)
This bread feature the green tea flavoured bun with mochi, almond and red bean fillings in it.

Signature Durian (RM3.80) Highly recommended
One of my favourite of the day, using the fresh durian paste from Durian 24D!
Simply comforting!

Yogurt Cheese Bun (RM2.80Highly recommended
Every bite gives you that tinge of cheesy yogurt. If you love something more of that kind, you will love this bun for sure.

Floating Island Bread (RM3.50)
A salty bun that definitely will be child's favourite with the combination of cheese, ham and egg.

Kaya Bun (RM2.80)
The kaya paste was just moderately sweet, just perfect to my liking. And the the dry coconut that sprinkled on the top of the bun has further added some taste to the bun itself.

Europe Cheesy Footlong Sausage (RM4.20)
Definitely kids' favourite!

Italian Mushroom Bread (RM5.00)
With the combination of cheese, mushroom and white sauce, this bread would definitely grab your heart away!

Polo Barbecue Chicken Bun (RM3.50)
The crusty layer is something you would expect from polo bun. The taste of chicken that further added into this bun would make it taste even better!

Wholemeal Sweet Potato Bun (RM4.20
A fan of wholemeal kinda breads? This would be your favourite for sure with the cooked soft potato inside!

Baked Cheese (RM12.00 for 4pcs)
This is also one of the best seller in Butter & Olive where it was very thick in cheese flavour.
And indeed it was very cheesy and it would be best for people who loves cheese and yet they can't finish a whole slice of cheese cake.

Pineapple Tarts (RM3.00 per pc)
Baked with the fresh pineapples, their pineapple tarts are also not too sweet to meets all the people who are health concerns. I'm also glad to try out all their pastries here yet I don't feel guilty after having them.

Molten Cheese Tarts (RM4.20Highly recommended
My special highlight of the post would be on these deliciously looking baked tarts!
It is one of their latest product and also successfully climbed to their top seller with the good presentation and also the taste that grabbed the hearts of all customers.
The Molten Cheese Tarts looks rather watery the moment we cut it into half. I thought I would be disappointed by the tart but not when I had my first bite! I was totally flattered by the warm and cheesy filling that made my day so much better. I wouldn't mind to have 3 in one go!

Taiwanese Scones (RM6.00 for 3pcs)
It is served with their homemade jams, whipped cream and also butter. The texture was just perfect and not too dry. Only I would prefer to be a little bit softer.

Fairyland (RM6.00 for 4pcs)
Fan of chicken floss?
Go for their Fairyland that looks so presentable and good!

Dessert lovers can grab their newly launched product, the Pure Coconut Milk Ice Cream that specially prepared by their Thai Chef that is only selling for RM3.90(promo price)

With the recent heat that affected us so much, I believe this mouthwatering dessert will attract a lot of customers and it is perfect to cool us down don't you think?

This bowl of delicious looking Coconut Ice Cream for only RM3.90, why not?

One of the best seller beverages would be this Healthy Mixed Fruit Tea (RM12.90 hot or cold). It is prepared with fresh ingredients and also some traditional chinese herbs that works as an beauty agent for us to detox and stay healthy.

 Other that breads, Butter & Olive also selling cakes and other pastries mainly originated from Taiwan.
Whole Cakes

Slice Cakes

Swiss Rolls


Natural, Healthy, Innovation.

Stay healthy with all the delicious pastries from Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House

*Many thanks to Butter & Olive for hosting us and special thanks to Barry for the invitation*

Butter & Olive Wholesome Pastry House @ Sungai Dua, Penang
Address: No. 676-G-1, Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700 Penang.
Tel: 04-6572 233
Business hours: Daily 7:00am - 12:00pm
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.3511402,100.2976778

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