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[Kuala Lumpur] Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co @ 1 Utama | Let's take a break from shopping!

Being one of the specialty coffees in Kuala Lumpur. A decent cafe has been humbly operating coffee business July 2014. Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co is located inside 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Secretly located at the Old Wing of 1 Utama, Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co has been serving coffee, juices, some savouries to caters to all the workers around the area and also visitors of the mall.
The store is not very big, and it is located at the center of the mall where it can be easily seen if you are doing your shopping on level 2.

Simple setting and humble cafe in the mid of a major shopping mall in KL.

The seatings are arranged around the corridor of the mall, though it could be awkward, but it is rather enjoyable to have a cuppa and enjoy watching people who walk pass. Or you can say that I'm kepo.

The have a wide range of drinks menu displayed in front of the store.
From coffee to non coffee drinks, to juices, smoothies and teas are also available.

Following the current trend, Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co also serves cold pressed juice. All these combinations would be perfect for detox, refresh, beauty or more.

Apart from beverages, there are some desserts like cakes, brownies, macarons and puffs available.

If you are hungry, they also have pasta on the menu. Prices are reasonably cheap for a cafe.

Alternatively, they also have puffs from Crazypuff. If you are not too hungry, just grab a piece of puff or a slice of cake to go with a cup of coffee would be perfect.

In Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co, they have this house blend called Symphony Blend. A house blend that features 4 types of carefully selected beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and India and then expertly roasted to a full-bodied, balanced and a good cup of coffee.

Ask for a little bit of their beans and you will know how nice it smells!

Special thanks to Douglas Tan, the owner of Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co for hosting me, and also personally made the coffee for me.

To prepare a cup of perfectly brew drip coffee is not as easy as an ABC.
Some people who do not have coffee knowledge would not know it takes years of skills and experiences to master this. 
Some people who do know how to appreciate coffee would simply call this a cup of KOPI O for sure.

I ordered a cup of Chemex / V60 brewed coffee at RM15.90 and I like how the coffee was presented to me.
And it was really aromatic, tasted slightly fruity and with low acidity.
It was rather smooth and you can tell that the beans are nicely roasted to keep its combination perfect.

The coffee comes with a few slices of biscotti for a little crunch. Perfect to go with your coffee.

Caffe Latte (RM11.90)
People who know me would know that I'm a very coffee person. My usual coffee is latte, as I always think that from a cup of latte you can tell how good a cup a coffee is. All the way from bean roasting to milk frothing and to pouring.
You can tell how much efforts the person have put in with a cup of coffee.
The latte was slight nutty, and bit to the bitter side which was perfect to my liking.

Feeling a little hungry?
Order from their puff menu with selections of Pulled Lamb, Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Rendang or Curry Potato.

If you are feeling a little delighted today, why not tip them a little? =)

Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Address: SK-108, Level 2, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama City Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact no: 03-7732 7455
Business hours: Sunday - Thursday 10:00am - 10:00pm, Friday & Saturday 10:00am - 10:30pm
GPS: 3.147783,101.6155791

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