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Ramadhan Peninsula's Delectable Buffet Dinner @ Eastin Hotel Penang

It's the time of the year again that all Malays celebrating their holy month of Ramadhan!
What we can't miss is always the "Buka Puasa" feast, breaking fast with a wide array of traditional Malay dishes!

As usual, this is the time of the year that most hotels will offer their Ramadhan Buffet Feast with some attractive promotions and deals that will get us crazy.
In Penang, Eastin Hotel is one of the top picks due to its ideal location as it is pretty near to industrial area. Best for companies to celebrate Ramadhan month and break fast with their scrumptious buffet feast.

This year, Eastin Hotel is having their Early Bird promotions at only RM85 per pax!
Featuring all the traditional Malay dishes and mouth-watering kuih-muih as well as some of the asian delights.

There were Seafood soup, Bubur Lambuk and their very signature soup, Gearbox Soup.

Also, those appetizing jeruk madu(Pickles) are something that we must try before we start our feast!
They are all appetizing and good!

Rojak anyone?
You can choose whichever ingredients you like and help yourself with the rojak sauce provided.

My favourite corner! CHEESES! 

Some of the biskut raya, as well as some Chinese cookies like kacang tumbuk, kuih kapit and so on.

Some delicious fried stuff like kuih kodok, sweet potatoes and many more are also available.

Some of the highlights, Tandoori chicken and Massala Lamb, best to go with the naan available on the buffet spread. Not forgetting the mint sauce too!

A whole roasted lamb, something that we should not miss in buffet spread during the Ramadhan month! Furthermore they also serve Nasi Briyani to go with all the delicious meats, simply hearty for a Ramadhan dinner.

There are vary of hot dishes available on the buffet spread.
Seasonal vegetables, lamb curry, beef rendang, salted fish curry and many more.
My favourite is always the sambal egg that is spicy yet so appetizing. The Curry Crab is also something to die for!

Squids, taukua, prawns, fish and many more. All the Malay dishes look really tempting and delicious, especially when all the food served were fresh and smells really good.

At the action counters, there are freshly grilled satays which are available in beef or chicken.
You just order from them and they will grill it on the spot. Serves fresh and hot.

Some of the mouth watering desserts available on the buffet spread are so appetizing. There were like more than 20 types of desserts inclusive of cakes, traditional kuihs, chocolates and many more.
Look at all those delicious tarts and cakes! They are waving at us and asking us to eat them! 

Chocolate Fountain!

One thing that caught my attention was this Pengat Pisang that also added Durian into the soup.
It was really surprising that both of them blended really well and tasted so delicious! Durian can really blend well with this kind of traditional Malay dessert!
 Bubur Pulut Hitam, Black Glutinous Rice Soup is also part of the delicious dessert. 
 There are too many variety of cakes on the dessert corner that I can't even try them all.
 Some of the delicious traditional malay kuihs. My favourite would be the one glutinous rice topped with shredded coconut. 
 Fresh Fruits

Some of the highlights would be the chicken rice and the assam laksa.
Never I would have thought that chicken rice on buffet spread could taste better than other chicken rice stalls out there.

Assam Laksa, best served with prawn pasted. I believe some may like it without prawn paste as it will make the laksa tasted sweet. But it is something that I like, I prefer sweet than sour assam laksa. 

Peninsula's Delectable Ramadhan Buffet Dinner
Price: RM110 nett per pax (Early Birds at RM85 onwards)
Date: 7th June 2016 to 5th July 2016
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Promotions: Senior citizens get to dine at 50% discounts

Address: 1, Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact no: +604 - 6121128 / +604 - 6121111
GPS: 5.33659,100.306602
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