Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Penang Fashion Week 2016 | Fashion Show by House of Alden & Keith Kee Couture

Penang Fashion Week 2016 by Gurney Paragon Mall kicked off with the first day of fashion shows by Alden Leong from House of Alden and Keith Kee from Keith Kee Couture.
Both of them are very talented fashion designer with all sorts of contemporary designs featuring different styles.
With the theme of Street Vogue this year, Penang Fashion Week 2016 will showcase all the special designs for this year's Spring / Summer 2016 collections. 

It was a pleasure to be invited by Alden himself for his personal show. But I rejected at the first place and told him that I've got no sense of fashion and I did not know what to wear for the event.
In the end I attend the event and didn't regret it when I get to see all his beautiful creations.

 Penang Fashion Week is held annually at the Gurney Paragon Mall Penang and this was the 2nd annual event in Penang and glad to be launched by Dato Jimmy Choo and also some famous designers.

Alden Leong started the first fashion show of Penang Fashion Week with some of his Spring/Summer 2016 Collections mainly features the colour black, white, red, green and blue. 
Here are what you have missed!

Congratulations to Alden for the great show.
His contemporary and elegant masterpieces successfully grabbed everybody's attention with all the beautifully created dresses for the show.

Alden with one of his best dresses!

Thank you for having me for the event.
It was quite an eyeopening experience for me.

Next is the show featuring collections by Keith Kee Couture with his Cruise Collection 2016 that features very playful, colourful and casual designs that caught everyone's attentions.  

Congratulations to Keith for the good show!

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