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Cake & Tea Pairing @ Passsionis, Siam Road Penang

A place that sweet tooth like you would not want to miss would be none other than this dessert cafe that offers delish sweet treats to all Penangites!
If you have read my previous post about Passionis, you would know that all the desserts served here are rather special and extraordinary compare to what other cafes could offer. Mainly it is because Passionis uses all the premium quality ingredients to craft their products.

In conjunction with this coming Christmas, Passionis came out with a lot of delicious treats for all of you! It is my pleasure to be part of the Dessert & Tea pairing session with the other bloggers specially prepared by the cafe. Many thanks for having us.
In their dessert and tea pairing session, we were introduced to 7 types of their organic teas and also tasted 10 types of desserts on that evening.

Crumblelicious paired with Ginger Peach
(RM17.90 + RM15.90)
We started our first dessert with a sour touch to give us a refreshing beginning. They focus on their homemade tart, mixed berries and served with berries swirl ice cream. The sour tart went well with the fruity and creamy ice cream. The sweetness from the berries ice cream complimented the refreshing and sour tart and it gives you a great ending with a sip of their ginger peach tea. 

Mousse De La Tropical Passion paired with Lemon Verbena
(RM15.90 + RM15.90)
Fancy a little bit of fruity and light cake? This you should really try this refreshing passion fruit mango mousse cake that comes with a crunchy meringe base. It went perfectly well paired with Lemon Verbena tea and neutralized the sweetness from the cake. I can guarantee that ladies will fall in love with this cake judging on the light mousse that make this cake just nice to taste as it is not too sweet.

Red Velvet paired with Flowery Earl Grey
(RM16.90 + RM15.90)
Red velvet is always my first choice when it comes to dessert session. I'm a big fan to the creamy cheese and a little bit moist on the red velvet cake. How great that they paired this up with Earl Grey tea which is also my favourite tea. You are absolutely wrong if you think that this is a ordinary Red Velvet cake! Instead of the normal cream cheese, they have added a little bit of lemon and made lemon cream cheese so it is not the bold flavour that we usually get.

Eskimo's Mint paired with Organic Peppermint Leaves
(RM15.90 + RM15.90)
Another cake that gave us a WOW feeling would be this chocolate mint cake that brings back memories. IF you are a fan of chocolate, I'm sure you would have tried a type of chocolate called "After Eight", it is actually a chocolate mint that is available in small pieces and we Malaysians love it very much. So I'm sure this pieces of finely crafted dessert will bring you back to your childhood and pairing mint cake with mint tea gives you a smooth and refreshing ending.

This cake will give you a sweet beginning and leave you with a cooling end. 
Who can resist this kind of dessert?

Tarte Au Chocolat Et Orange paired with Shanghai Rose
(RM14.90 + RM15.90)
One of my favourite at Passionis, this chocolate orange tart is still one of the best seller at this cafe.
The best ratio between chocolate and orange I can find is within this piece of tart. You can tell that the chocolate they use here is from premium chocolate as it is more aromatic and rich. Pairing this tart with Shanghai rose tea gives you a rather flowery and bold ending.

Noir Ou Blanc paired with Organic Chamomile Flowers
(RM14.90 + RM15.90)
If you are someone who loves the mixture of fruit with chocolate, you must not miss this chocolate mousse cake. A layer of chocolaty and rich chocolate covered the white chocolate mousse raspberry jelly and vanilla sponge cake that makes a lovely delectable cake.

Chamomile is also one of my favourite teas apart from Earl Grey. I love the light and flowery kind of taste from Chamomile flowers. This tea served its purpose of complimenting the sweetness from the cake and made the whole experience rather smooth and lovely.

How could you not appreciate this piece of finely crafted cake? Look at every layer that arrange evenly on the cake.

Fudgy Brownie paired with Organic Chamomile Flowers
(RM17.90 + RM15.90)
Extreme chocolate lovers must try their Fudgy Brownie that served warm! It is topped with a generous scoop of their homemade vanilla ice cream. Imagine that warm and soft chocolate brownie with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream that goes into your mouth and they melted together, it feels like heaven!

This brownie is also paired with chamomile to cleanse your throat as chocolate is kinda heavy dessert. Pairing chamomile is just the best choice or you could also get a cup of coffee if you are a coffee lover like me.

Christmas Log(Seasonal)
1kg cake @ RM150
mascarpone cheese mousse, blood orange jelly, white chocolate feuilletine & yuzu jam.
In conjunction with this coming Christmas, Passionis also came out with their homemade Christmas Log Cake that filled with cheese mousse, and a slight sourness from the blood orange jelly complimented by the white chocolate feuilletine & yuzu jam. All the ingredients used we mixed perfectly and made this cake a perfect combination!

Orange Soufflé(Seasonal)
A little surprise that you can find in this cafe would be the freshly baked Soufflé!
Though there will be around 20 minutes waiting time, but finding Soufflé is pretty rare in Penang as not many cafe are doing this yet. What's even better is they are coming out with different flavours every month. For November and December, they are serving Orange Soufflé and there will be different flavours next month so customers wont get bored of the same thing.

Orange Soufflé with Grand Marnier
Looking for something bold and exotic?
You all alcoholic king and queen must not miss out this special Soufflé with alcohol that I've never tried anywhere else! Also I didn't realize that Soufflé could go so well with Grand Marnier, bringing out the even stronger taste of the Soufflé and added a little surprises to your ordinary dessert!

A special collection for Christmas, Christmas Chocolate Collection 2016!
Every special festive there's something to celebrate, and Passionis will attract their customers with some special sweet treats that comes with different designs every year. Here's the one they prepared for this Christmas, and whole edible Christmas Chocolate Tree! It is so cute isn't it?!
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There are some of items featured on this blog post only available for certain time so make a move and visit Passionis today! This is my usual cafe for cakes and coffee and until today it is still my favourite cafe! I always hang around here on the weeekends so do join me if you have time! 

Passionis @ Penang Siam Road
Address: 74D Jalan Siam, George Town, 10400 Penang, Malaysia
Contact no: +604 - 218 9314
Business hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:00am - 7:00pm, Friday & Saturday 12:00pm - 11:00pm (Closed on Tuesdays), 
GPS: 5.4144898,100.3213042

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