Monday, December 12, 2016

Season For Treats @ DCOVA Cafe

Christmas is the season that we will gather with friends or family and celebrate it in some nice cafe and restaurant with good food!
In this jolly season, DCOVA Cafe has launched their new menu featuring new pasta for all the pasta lovers in Penang! 

If you have visited this cafe before, you would know that DCOVA offers wide selections of Japanese inspired pasta menu and since the opening until now, it is still serving the best pasta in town.
This coming season, 3 new pastas have been added into the current menu and now offering more seafood selections on the new menu.

One of the highlights would be Spaghetti Alle Vongole, a new seafood featuring a generous amount of huge, juicy and fresh clams. You can tell from the picture that the clams have flooded the plate and covered the whole spaghetti. DCOVA never fail to impress customers with their al dente pasta, it is always the right texture.
This pasta features the freshness seafood with a hint of chinese wine in it. The pasta was pretty appetizing and the clams were big and juicy, cooked to perfection. It is reasonably priced at RM27.00 with the big portion served.  

If you prefer some tomato based pasta, you could go for the Seafood Bolognese, an additional seafood pasta that carries the fresh seafood with slight sourness from the bolognese sauce. I personally pretty the other seafood pasta as I'm a person who loves the original taste of seafood rather than covering it with sauces. 

Another highlight on the new menu is their pesto based pasta, Pesta Pesto priced at RM25.90 for a big plate of pasta filled with back bacon and mushroom. DCOVA created their unique blend of pesto sauce made from scratch with fresh basil leaves. The creamy pesto is rather appetizing and feels pretty refreshing at the same time. I like how it was cooked and served with the deep fried garlic that was crispy and extremely fragrant, and most importantly great to go with the pasta. 

Other than the new menu, the signature pastas from the previous menu such as the Chicken Teriyaki Pasta, Squid Ink Pasta and many more are still available on the menu. Those are all my favourites and they are still my favourite until today, I'm always having dilemma issues whenever I visit this cafe looking at the menu and not sure which to order cause all of them are good and impressive.

The best seller, Carbonara.

Coffee addicts must order their Aussie Strong Latte, the only drink I always order in this cafe. It is their best seller here and the coffee is stronger than the normal latte, my kind of bitter coffee with strong body. 

Together with their new menu, DCOVA also came out with a few new beverages to compliment the all new pastas. In picture below is the newly introduced Blue Rhapsody made of orange peel, lemonade, yoghurt, fresh milk, vanilla ice cream, fresh lemon juice. A very appetizing ice blended drink.

Also there are a few new caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. There are always something for somebody.

Something must not miss, the Affogato!
All time favourite and their best seller!

To commemorate this festive season, DCOVA is giving away their homemade fruit cakes for FREE with a minimum of RM150 spending on the total bill!
We have tried their fruit cake and I kinda like the strong taste of alcohol in this cake. Perfect to celebrate this Christmas, the joyous season!

DCOVA @ Logan Heritage, Penang
Address: Logan Heritage No. 4 Lebuh Bishop, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Business hours: Daily 10.00am - 10.00pm, Friday & Saturday 10.00am - 12.00am
Contact no: 04-261 3121
GPS: 5.418622,100.3423885
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