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[15% DISCOUNTS] Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden | Your Best Music Gadget

Melomaniac always equip themselves with some great gadgets to enjoy good musics!
Now with Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden, all that bass, rhythm are filled in your ears, just like having a live concert in your ears. This in-ear wireless earphones are exactly what you are needing to ease your music craving!

Whether are you working out at the gym, enjoying your afternoon cup of coffee, casually walking around the malls. You need nothing other than good music to make yourself feel comfortable even when you are alone, the time where Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden would come in handy.

Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden
Many of us would hate earphones which usually tangled together and made it rather troublesome to have to separate them every time, but with Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden you could save all these mess and everything would come in chic and stylish. 
The latest invention, Vasa BLÅ is a wireless earphones that works with the Bluetooth features in your smart devices such as smartphones or tablets. Now with Vasa BLÅ you can enjoy all the audio effect and being tangled-free all the time!

The day I received my package from Sweden I was pretty happy to receive this great invention by Sudio Sweden. My first reaction was to charge it and couldn't wait to test it myself! 
The moment I put it on my ears, I was really enjoying myself with all the clear music, the strong bass, and the every single songs I played was like a concert to me.

Accessories with Noise Isolation
Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden comes with a set of quality accessories including 10 earbuds of different sizes to caters to all your need, a set of Vasa BLÅ, a rose gold metal pin to clip the earbuds on your shirts so you can avoid losing them, an USB charger and also a beautiful yet elegant looking leather pouch for your Vasa BLÅ. 
All these quality accessories comes with a box of Vasa BLÅ and you do not have to worry about losing your earbuds because they have many spares for you! Also if you are having different sizes of ear canal, these earbuds of different sizes would be just perfect to fit you! 
What attracted me most is the beautiful and elegant leather pouch that could protect your wireless earphone and yet looking chic and stylish.

Chic & Stylish Design
No doubt Vasa BLÅ is one of the most stylish wireless earphones in the market. The flat cable that allows you to store your earphone safely and tangled-free, also protecting  your earphones from damages while you store them in your bags or pockets.
Also, the only 3 buttons available on Vasa BLÅ allows users for easier and friendlier control and  you don't have to figure out which button for song changing and all troublesome shortcuts. 

4 Attractive Colours! 
Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden comes in 4 different colours!
It is available in Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White, Blue and Pink! Not just the design but also the colours are pretty attractive! There must be something for everybody so you don't have to worry about it! And also Vasa BLÅ could be great as a gift for any occasions!

Quality Music For 8 hours! 
The battery life of Vasa BLÅ allows you to continuously play music for 8 hours! With this strong battery life, Vasa BLÅ can also standby up to 10days which make your life easier instead of charging it again and again like other wireless earphone with shorter battery life. What makes it even better is the Fast Charging feature that you only need to quick charge your Vasa BLÅ for only 10 minutes and full charging is at 120 minutes. 
Music lovers would not want to spoil their music enjoyment with some low performance gadgets. This is the time where Vasa BLÅ could come in handy with their great performances, you can literally feel the music and standing right in the middle of a concert whenever you put them on! 
With a gadget like this, melomaniac will get to experience music like never before!

Affordable Price with DISCOUNTS! 
Spending for gadgets could be very costly for some people, especially people who are not earning much like me!
Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden is offered at a very affordable price with FULL accessories! Now with only RM398, you can grab this high quality gadget and start enjoying music that perfect for your ears! Also, this could be a great gift for Christmas or any occasions too! 
What's even better? Go to and quote JJZAI] when you make payment and you will be entitled for a 15% discounts! This DISCOUNT does not only limit to Vasa BLÅ but it works on all the products from Sudio Sweden too so make a move and grab your favourite earphones while the code still active!

Whether is is a holiday getaway, your normal gym routine or a casual day out, Vasa BLÅ by Sudio Sweden can be your best companion giving you the best music enjoyment and also works perfectly with your smart gadgets!
Visit today grab your own Vasa BLÅ and start to enjoy music with the best experience ever!

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A photo posted by JJ In Da House (@jjzai) on

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