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Thai Shop @ Kimberly Street Penang | Aunthetic Thai Hawker Food


Started their businesses humbly at a quite secluded corner of Penang Kimberly StreetThai Shop opened its door welcoming all Penangites to try their authentic Thai food.
Thai Shop features an affordable menu with a list of authentic Thai hawker food which can be easily seen all around Thailand if you have been there before.
The workers are mostly Siam who are specialized in Thai food. They even wear those traditional clothes as their uniforms to serve the customers. And something not forget to mention, they are really friendly and similar to what I've experienced in Bangkok and Hat Yai before.

The place is rather cozy though it looks just like any other kopitiam. It was rather clean and pretty windy hence you don't have to worry about the hot air, furthermore it is covered in shades hence it was pretty cool even if you are sitting outside.
The way the restaurant/kopitiam designed was pretty similar to what I've seen in Thailand before, it really brings back memories.

The place carries many products from Thailand hence you can taste the authentic flavours of Thai here in Penang. It is once of its kind and the very first Thai hawker restaurant in Penang so let's see what they can offer below.

Cha Khiao(left) - Thai Green Tea Latte
Cha Yen(right) - Thai Milk Tea
We ordered the 2 signature drinks from Thailand and pretty satisfied with the taste! The staff knows that the locals prefer our drinks to be less sweet and he was pretty caring to fulfil our requests too! 

Som Tum is also known as Thai Papaya Salad, a Thai delicacy that most people like it spicy and sour that tasted rather refreshing and addictive. The way they serve this Som Tum is rather sweet which fits the original Thai style. It suits me perfectly as I am not into something over spicy that will numb my taste bud.

Moo Ping, also known as Thai Pork Satay is my all time favourite. I had this every day when I was in Bangkok and Hat Yai whenever I see any stalls selling these. The pork satay comes with a thick layer of pork belly which also consists of fats that add extra fragrant to the dish itself. This is the best Moo Ping I can find in Penang so far!

Want a bite?

Khao Phad Saparod a.k.a Pineapple Fried Rice was simply fragrant and fried to perfection. The portion was perfect for a meal and you can also squeeze the lime provided just like how the Siam savour this dish. I like how the fried rice was cooked, just perfect!

Another fried rice we have tried is the Khao Phad Tomyum a.k.a Tom Yum Fried Rice.
The flavour was rather strong and every rice was fried to perfection. I was the only who find it a bit overcooked but the rest of my friends love it though. Nevertheless it is still delicious!

Gaeng Saparot a.k.a Pineapple & Chicken Curry is our top favourite among all. The curry was quite thick and creamy, the first spoonful of curry soup gave me a "WOW" feeling and I immediately fell in love with this dish. I like how well balanced the herbs are used to create this wonderful dish.

Gaeng Khao Wan a.k.a Thai Green Curry Chicken is rather flavourful as well! Unlike the greenish curry that we usually tasted in other Thai restaurant, the authentic Thai green curry is suppose to be this light green colour like what I've tasted in Thailand before. The green curry here is also very addictive like the pineapple curry. It was quite thick and creamy too hence it is best to go with plain white rice best for a complete meal.
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If you have visited Thailand no matter it is Bangkok or Hat Yai or any other places, I'm sure you would have tried this pork delicacy before. Khao Kha Moo a.k.a Signature Pork Leg Rice is a must try dish in Thailand! I'm not surprise that I can find it here as this is one of the best dishes in Thailand. The thick whole pork knuckle was braised for hours until it became soft and tender, then it will be served with some vegetables and salted vegetables by the side. By the time the pork leg was served, it would absorbed all the flavour from the soup and taste amazing.

A great meal that features all the dishes available at Thai Shop. I was told that they will further add in more dishes to the menu after some time.

Chargrilled Pork Satay

Braised Pork Leg

We ended our meal with a traditional Thai dessert but a localized version. Tub Tim Krob a.k.a Thai Red Rubies in Coconut Milk & Shaved Ice is a mouthwatering yet very addictive Thai dessert. It is also my favourite Thai dessert other than Mango Sticky Rice, this dessert put an satisfying end to our meal.

The menu is simple yet features some of the well known authentic Thai dishes. I was also told that they will change their menu and add new dishes from time to time. The current menu is reasonably priced and this place would be great for lunch or dinner.

Thai Shop @ Kimberly Street Penang
Address: 257 Lebuh Kimberley, 10100 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Business hours: Daily 11:30am - 9:30pm (No off at the moment)
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4174281,100.3288638

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