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Pacific West Malaysia & Subi by Golden Fresh

It was a pleasure for me to join a group of bloggers and media that were invited for a very special event organized by Golden Fresh during Christmas month.
It was an early Saturday morning at the production factory of Golden Fresh, we were specially invited to celebrate Christmas and exclusively get to visit their factory production lines as well.

We were welcomed with a very attractive Christmas set up and also some of their products. They have also added the common favourite cartoon character Olaf the snowman to the decorations! Also featuring products from Subi and Pacific West, the 2 main brands from Golden Fresh.

A group photo with the gang before the event starts! We were the early birds hence we got plenty of time for photos and chit chat.

Featuring all the seafood products from Pacific West & Subi.
Their are very particular in the products quality and varieties, which is why they are one of the best brand in Malaysia so far. They also export to places like Europe, Australia and many more.

A special menu was crafted with products from Pacific West and Subi to serve all media friends. 
We find the menu rather interesting and pretty curious of what we were going to try. 

As started, some snacks were prepared for us on the cocktail tables. We find everything kind interesting and delicious. This is also the time that we realized products from Pacific West and Subi can be so creative and can be served in any special occasion and events. 

 Tempura Prawn, Lobster & Prawn Cocktail
Crunchy Spiced Squid and Japanese Garden Salad.
The starter was a rather pleasant one. We liked both the dishes though we prefer the more refreshing squid with the special salad. The lobster was fresh and great but slightly overpowered by the sauce, the great this is the tempura prawn that served together and made the whole dish neutralized and perfect. We liked the Japanese garden salad which is the Japanese seaweed that served with the crunchy squid. The crunchiness from both the seaweed and fried squid was simply amazing.

Oven Baked Fish Fillets with Saffron Barley Risotto and 
Honey Roasted Christmas Vegetables
We were surprised by this dish specially crafted for this event by Chef Garry Edson. I kinda like how barley and risotto rice were cooked together and they can compliment each other so well. The dish was topped with the fish fillet from Pacific West were simply smooth and delicious.

Every bite was kinda delicious, you just gotta have a spoonful of fish and the combination of barley and risotto. The sauce that served were just nice in taste though it was a bit too much for the dish.
Something we wouldn't expect from Pacific West is their dish can be innovative too.

Tempura Kiddie Fish with Onion & Red Cabbage Compote
A thin layer of fish fillet was just great for some snacks moment especially for parties. With products from Pacific West and Subi, we can always prepare this kind of delicious snacks without spending a lot of time and efforts. You only have to be more creative to craft new dishes with the products available.

 Spicy Garlic Calamari Ring with Kimchi Pancake
A more Korean influenced dish was this delicious Kimchi Pancake that served with their crispy calamari ring. The presentation was rather attractive and the dish looks appetizing too.
A single pancake is served with a piece of their crispy calamari ring, simply yummy, springy and flavourful, even better when you top it with the kimchi provided.

Christmas is never completed without some juicy and tender turkey, It is even better if you only get the turkey drumstick! It is the season for joy and season for feast, we celebrated with feast provided by Golden Fresh thanks to their generosity.

Christmas Log Cake(Mango)

Christmas Log Cake(Black Forest)
Beautifully decorated with Christmas toppings!

Some Christmas goodies were also served for our enjoying pleasure.
We tried the panettone and minced pies and they were all lovely!

Fresh Fruit Platter served with perfect bite size

Last but not least, Christmas Pudding that was served warm and topped with the creamy cream.
Simple yet sweet.

A group photo with other bloggers

Also we got the chance to participate in a contest specially organized by Golden Fresh together with the staff to bring all of us together. We were glad that our team consist of CK Lam, Gibson Chan, Ling Tze together with staff from Golden Fresh wont the first place!
Team "Merry CHOONmas" rocks!

Team "Ken Ken Ken Ken"

Our tasks were very simple. All ingredients were prepared nicely and placed on the table, we have to coat all the seafood prepared with the batter, breadcrumbs and flour given. 

We will have to make sure all the seafood items were coated properly with the right / perfect grammage.

That's CK very carefully crosschecking the prawns that have been done by our team.

And Ling Tze make sure all the Calamari were perfectly arranged and coated.

Team "Merry CHOONmas" with our award-winning final products!

Come on, I know they look lovely and tempting!

Special thanks to Chef Garry Edson for preparing such a lovely meal and Golden Fresh for hosting such a wonderful and fun-filled event!

A big group photos with media and blogger friends!

We all had so much fun during the event and really thanks to Golden Fresh for the generosity and well planned event! We even got to visit some of the production lines and studied that all products from Golden Fresh mainly the brands Pacific West and Subi were very particular in their quality and also hygiene. We were even "sanitized upon entering and exiting every production lines"
This is how we have to dress when we enter the production lines. Most body parts have been covered to avoid bacteria and any possible contamination to be carried into their production lines.
*You can guess which one is me.*

(Photo courtesy of Golden Fresh)

Without my own witness, now I can buy Pacific West and Subi products and consume them freely as I can see how well the products were handled and prepared. Their products also help in cooking and preparing all kinds of creative dishes.
Pacific West and Subi products are available at most supermarkets and hypermarkets in Malaysia.
They also did export to other countries such as Australia, Europe and many more.

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