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樱花生活馆 Sakura Living @ M Mall Penang

Penang is a place filled with different cultures that attracts expats to reside here. We have expats from Japan, Australia, China and even people from the Europe and America that retired or migrated to Penang.
If you are a fan of imported products from Japan, then this newly opened store that sells all sorts of premium Japanese products is the right place for you to shop now!
We all know that there are many stores in Penang that sells all sorts of imported Japanese snacks, but other snacks, Sakura Living can get you variety of products such as kitchen utensils, beauty and facial products and more many.

樱花生活馆 Sakura Living is located at the ground floor of M Mall next to 六鼎轩(The Six). You can find it if you are standing in the middle of the mall next to the main stage occupying 3 shoplots and became one of the newly joined tenants in M Mall.  

What makes 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living is the products they imported from Japan are mostly premium products. Though you can find some of these products from other stores in Penang, but I can say that 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living carries the most premium products here and some cannot be found at other stores. 

What attracted me was the variety of snacks and sweets available here. Compare to the other stores, here has the most completed collections and also offering most candies that I have never seen before. Also there are all sorts of cute facial masks and instant noodles which are my favourites. The bowl instant noodles that you can see from the below picture is my favourite, it is great that I can find them all here!

There were also varieties of Pocky flavours, so many that it gave me dilemma when I was selecting it. Also I've spotted some cute snacks that has got Pikachu printing and the snacks that Shin Chan loves in the anime!
Hello Kitty fans will be very delighted to find all sorts of products with Hello Kitty packaging too!

One of the best premium chocolates, Ishiya - Shiroi Koibito Chocolat Blanc Langue de Chat.

Also here you can find all sorts of sake and Japanese wines. They are well furnished imported wines and whiskey that looks really interesting. I've never seen most of them but was told that all those are premium wines & sake from Japan.

Other than food and beverages, you can also find other stuff like clothes, kitchen utensils, equipments and many more. This place is like a mini grocery instead of a snacks store. Something different from other stores is because even all their other items are also imported stuff from Japan.
With 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living here, I don't have to worry where to find Yukata and girls you can also find Kimono here! There are also clothes for kids too!

There were these classic and elegant handpouch, came in different sizes for different needs.
Ladies must have a look on what they offered here.
Also there were special items such as their "Kiss You" toothbrush that features special functions and helps in teeth whitening and deep cleaning. 
Not forget to mention the machines they have here that can create shaved ice and many more.

I personally like that plates and cups that they have here. All of them are printed with Sakura flowers that looks really beautiful!
They have been sold separately but you can find a complete set here including pots and bowls!

One of the best sellers here would be none other than the facial products by Ashiya!
Ashiya is very popular in Japan and it is not very easy to find them. We were told that even the Japanese in Japan have to visit the local clinics or hospitals to get them as Ashiya do not simply distribute their products to any stores. 
Ashiya products specialized in skin healing and skin recovering especially towards burnts or scars. Glad that we can now find them at 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living in M Mall Penang.    

The item that attracted my attention was the Whey Soap that also priced reasonably. It helps in skin whitening and moisturizing. I was looking for products like this for ages but most of them were very costly and here they are only selling them at RM58 per piece and RM158 for 3 pieces. How great is that!?

So it was a shopping spree for all of us!
Special thanks to 樱花生活馆 Sakura Living for hosting us that evening and for the fun-filled shopping session.

It was a heavy damage and I've got all these delicious snacks in my house!
Now it is time for you to visit and do your shopping!

樱花生活馆 Sakura Living @ M Mall, Penang
Address: 79-G-12A,12B, M Mall O2O, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang, Malaysia.
Business hours: Daily 10:00am - 10:00pm
Facebook page:
GPS: 5.4119159,100.3260165

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