Friday, August 18, 2017

Upsidow Langkawi @ Kuah[Langkawi]

Secretly hidden in the middle of the Langkawi Island hosted a pretty awesome place that serves nice food and creative arts. Not only the place was cozy and beautiful, but it also comes with a pretty lovely view of Langkawi Island.

Upsidow Langkawi is not only an art gallery, it is a gallery that exhibits recycled items that turned into art pieces. There's also a very cute food truck that place right next to the art space and serves a variety of food on the menu.

During my trip to Langkawi recently, I've visited Upsidow Langkawi and find it quite amusing. First the dining space was also made with mostly recycled materials and they don't look old, only colourful and very picturesque. They have turned an abandoned mini bus carcass into a fine food truck, though it will not move but still very creative to be in there.

You can see the chairs and tables were made with abandoned oil tanks, woods and much more.
They are all painted in different colours and made the place looks lively and cute.

Even the lamp located in front of the gallery was also made of used bottles. 
Simple, creative yet beautiful.

The menu ranges from appetizers to desserts. They are serving western kind of menu where you can find quite a number of pizza, breads, pasta, salad and so much more. 

Garlic Bread RM5.00
The garlic bread was yummy to be honest. I'm not a fan of bread but yet I'm a bit fan of garlic hence I cannot resist garlic bread all the time. It was thin, crispy and filled with! 

Salad, pizzas and much more options are also available on the menu.
You just gotta head over and dig in all the delicious dishes on menu.

There are several pastas on the menu too, you can go for tomato base, cream base or even aglio-olio.

Pizza Hawaii RM19.00
We enjoyed the handmade pizza. They made their own dough and baked this pizza from scratch.
We like the thin later pizza dough that baked until crispy topped with some cheese, ham, pineapple make every bite worthwhile.

Look at that big juicy patty! That's the Australian Beef Burger we had at only RM15 each! It is served with their homemade pickles and salad.

Sausages, taco, and burrito are also available on the menu, the variety of choices is what you will be looking forward to when you dine here.

We were really full after a big meal at Bas Burger. Look at how many dishes we had!

Before you enter the art installation gallery, I would strongly recommend you to charge your phone/ camera/ DSLR/ GoPRO to the full battery! I can guarantee you that it will never be enough if you are someone who loves taking photos with all the tricky arts!

You can basically do anything in there or pose as much as you like, you only have to pay for the entrance tickets and you can spend as much time as you want in there.

Flying car?

The superwoman Ling Tze

a cute pose may be better?

or the sexy pose maybe?

Just another day relax at the kitchen.

You can also do creepy pose to make yourself look scary in there. Just like what we did down there.

Overall it was really a good hunt in Langkawi, we not only enjoyed the food and the art installation gallery, but we really like the whole experience in there and not forget the view from this place is something so unforgettable.
It was fun travelling with your buddies and take pictures for memories, this is sure the one that will be carved in my heart forever. <3 p="">

Upsidow Langkawi - Art Installation Gallery
Address: Jalan Padang Matsirat 07000 Langkawi, Kedah.
Contact no: +6012 - 3294094
Business hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm daily
Facebook page:
GPS: 6.330039,99.7497077


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