Saturday, October 18, 2008

When I Am In Hospital

I admitted to Penang General Hospital on 22nd September until 29th of September.
First 3 days was the hardest moment there.
I am stunt, blur, paralyzed.
By the way, i want to thanks to those Shouters & Bloggers.
Chee Hsien, Lasker, Elise, Emily, Suki, Willazz, Minny, Xiao Jiro, Angel, Bryan, and etc. [Sorry for those i missed out]
And also to those who called or sms and wishes me.
I don't really know who, but i remembered Criz, Sae Wei, mrinjured, Mac_Bone.
Sorry again for those i missed out, I was not stable at that time.
My schoolmates: Warren, Sharon, Sharon's friends, Sherlyn, Charles, Haz, Azzahir, Vicky, and Emily.
My best friends: Cedric, Sayang[aL], Vingie who brought me a lot of laughter while i am in hospital.
My lecturer who came and visit me, Mr. Jonathan, thanks.

Next time bring me the wood horse ok? lol.
You guys are rocks!
Thanks for all the gifts and cards.
Thanks for wishes me and stay with me all the while.
And also for those who cant come and visit me.
Don't blame yourselves, i understand how you feel.
Pippo, u don't have to purposely come back from KL lar please.
Don't blame yourself anymore ok, mae? lol.
You guys wanna see those gifts and cards.
I will post it up when i am fully recover.
I cant take the picture of them yet.

Here are some wishes in my wish list.

We must do it after we recover alright?

> Go to eat KOAY ZHIAP!

> Hang out with Shouters and my Classmates

> Diet, get slim and fit.

> Have fun and enjoy!


Lasker said...

Get well soon buddy !

TZ said...

Dude, glad to hear that you are more and more positive...

Get well soon eh! :-p

aL said...

sayanggggggggggggggg!!! supper!

but got cattttttttttttttttt!