Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Letter To Father

LMAO!I received a hilarious email just now!
It is all about a letter from a 15years old written boy to his dad.
Anyway, this is just another joke.
The letter goes like this in below:

A father pass by his son's room and noticed that the door is wide open. He felt something wrong too. Because all the while the room is untidy and dirty, but today, everything is so clean and clear. He saw a letter, on top of the letter is: "For Dad"

This is the translation:
Dear dad, I have written this letter with a very sad and helpless feel. First, I wanna thank you for taking care of me for the past 15 years, I will never forget about this. I really got no choice and I have to leave this home with Ah Wen.
Leaving without saying goodbye is to avoid from argue and fighting with you. Hope that you will understnd my feeling.
I really love Ah Wen very very much. Although you and mom don't like to see her piercing in her nose and belly button, and also the tattoo on her butt. This is what teenagers like to do, you and mom would never understand! If you and mom don't like her, Ah Wen claim that she don't mind, she will still respect two of you.
Between our love, it is not only about sex. It is the true feeling between us! Although she is a lot older than me, she said that she dont mind at all! I also understand that we will love each other, until forever.
Ah Wen is pregnant, she have my baby. You and mom will become grandparents soon. This should be something to happy about. Ah Wen and me wont stop making babies, she said that she wanna born more babies for me.
Please don't worry about us, we will go to a small village and plant some drug plants, and then sell to our friends, so that we can exchange with some Cocaine and Heroin for ourselves. In this progress, i hope that those drugs can deduct her pain. Hope that some day, her AIDS/HIV can have some medicine to cure, some day she will heal from that.
From: Your Son
Yan Shen:
Dad, everything that i wrote it not true, this is all a lie. Please don't worry. I am currently having fun playing games in my classmate's house. I don't have girlfriend, I don't drink or take drugs. Just to remind you, there is something more bad in this world. Please open the drawer and take out the my Result Book, my results is too bad, please forgive me. Or, when you decide to forgive me, please call my handphone and ask me back for dinner.
Hilarious! LOL!

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Lasker said...

Wakakaka .. this is funny, JJ.
The story seems to get worse and worse from the beginning to the end .. :D