Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sugar Reporting!

Let's get back to someone that long long time never appear in my blog.
It is Sugar!!!! My lovely dog!
As some of my readers know, since last time Sugar injured,
my sister brought her to dog saloon and shaved.
But day by day, Sugar's fur growing back! It is getting longer!
Let's have a look for Sugar's Pictures
Before Sugar injured[so pretty!]

After Sugar injured


Now! Latest

Innocent and Cute Sugar still!
Angeline, u long time never visit Sugar d u know?!


angelinemiss said...

aiseh... sugar sooooo prettttyyyyy~~~
yes.. i know i didnt see her for so long liao.. *wuuuwuu*
lai.. angugu.. wa sayang sugarr~~~

Lasker said...

Sugar is the cutest dog in the whole wide worlddddddd!!!

Chuckie Cotton said...

we came yr hse twice u no show us?...swt..

aL said...

hahahahhaa... sugar damn choo bee :)