Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Joke Of The Day

This is a very simple joke, let's just share with my readers.
Last night i was watching movie at home.
My sister was cleaning all the old boxes at my right side,
Thanks to the rain on last Wednesday, my house flooded seriously.
The whole night I cannot get to sleep.
Trying to escape from involving in the disaster.
Alright back to the topic, my sister was cleaning.
Suddenly she shouted "Kak Chuak![Cockroach]"
Do you believe it?
Some people pai kar[disable], means cannot walk or run normally with using both legs right?
So i am able to walk with my left leg only.
A little secret here, i am afraid of cockroaches one.
My sister then trying to grab my crutches to kill the cockroach.
I grab with her because I want to get away from that place.
Ended up i jumped away and scream like crazy.
Stupid sister and my family they all laugh like crazy.

Conclusion here.
Pai Kar people cannot walk or run, but when they saw cockroaches.
They will straight away jump to other places.

1 comment:

Lasker said...

Hahahaha ... I suggest you to post, you really really post!!

Get well soon, now can jump liau, later you can run and skip and do tapdancing liau! :whee: