Tuesday, December 9, 2008

G-Hotel Buffet Lunch

Yesterday i went to G-Hotel besides Gurney Plaza for my lunch.
We were having buffet lunch at only RM36++ per person.
There was a lot of choices and different cultural foods.
It was kinda nice and reasonable.
Let's look at some pictures.
This is the Christmas Tree located @ G-Hotel Lobby
Foods that i took
Mix Vegetables

Cheese Baked Potatos
[highly recommendation!]
[Unknown] but very nice!

Fried Battler Fish[sweet & spicy]
[this is nice!]

[Name Forgotten]
[not really that nice, the fish is hard]
Of course we wont miss out the desert after the main course!
There are a lot of choices, but i only choosed a few types.
Tau Fu Fa
Cakes & Creampuffs
[The Cheese cakes is nice!]

What are you waiting for?
Are you drooling over there?
Quickly take your move!!!

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Lasker said...

Wah! Nowadays JJ kuat makan horrrrrr .. enjoy lifenyeeee

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