Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas Party @ PTPL College

Xmas is another 2 days!
So our college had a party just now.
Let's see!
A very good welcome to all the students!

This board is for students to write down anything!
Can you spot mine?
Do you realise something?

It is actually Mine, Sherlyn's, Charles's, Ralph's & Haz's blog url in there!

Then we have games!
group of Xue Liang, Azzahir, Charles, Ralph & Sherlyn

Everyone have to stand on the newspaper.
There also 2nd round and 3rd round.
They have to fold the newspaper to become smaller pieces and continue.
This is 2nd round

This 2 pictures are other groups

Our group won the games!
Congratulations to Charles, Ralph, Xue Liang, Azzahir & Sherlyn!

The 2nd games is too aggressive to until i cant take any pictures.
The people are too fast and fierce.
2nd game is about grabbing balloon and give it to our lecturer.
But anyway, Congratulations to Tom!

I took part in the 3rd game and it is about guessing words.
We have 2 minutes to guess as many words as we can.
2 person will have to go infront and draw on the whiteboard.
The rest of the people will have to guess what are they drawing.
Me & Charles are drawing while the rest are guessing.
1st question is easy. It is just " Day Dream In The Class"
So we drew a "human" and with some box on the head.
We got a lot of answers. "think out of the box" blah blah blah....
But at the end Haz got it right!
After that we get the 2nd question.
OMG! what am i supposed to do?
But all thanks to Alton Mark who posed as Angelina Jolie during the bloggers gathering.
I did the same pose =___="
Ralph, Sherlyn & Xue Liang knew what i mean.
Then Charles drew film, they finally got it right.
THe 3rd question is about " The Sky Is Blue"
But when they are guessing, times up!
We got 2 question right.
Congratulations to group Apple! They won the games.

After that was the time for all the students to enjoy some meals.
Overall it was fun and interesting.
Perhaps, maybe we could organize another one before Chinese New Year?


[SK] said...

gosh, you reminded me of the Children's Day Party we had every year back in primary school~~ :p

Xherlyn said...

Omg.. i macam kena gang rape.. lol

millymin said...

Party ke or advertise for blog???

Anonymous said...

wah....promoting blogspot and i can see my drawings there.....WELCOME!=D