Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meals Sponsored by Digi

Last Thursday i went to this Mamak Kapitan after my class around 8something.
Then there was a group of people came in with digi t-shirts.
Then one of them approached to us.

She: Are you a DIGI user?
Me: Yes, i am.
She: That's good, now we are going to sponsor you foods! Digi is doing promotion to show the appreciation towards Digi users. We will pay for your foods. We will pay for RM10 per digi user.
Me: Really? That's will be great! Thanks!

4 of us went there and 3 of us are Digi users.
So we filled in a form and then she paid for us!
Our total bill is RM34.60
Digi is sponsoring RM10 per person.
Means we are only paying RM4.60 for a lot of foods and ended up with a smile!
Thanks Digi for sponsoring us!

Thanks to this girl also.
You are very polite & friendly


TZ said...

Digi also sponsor my carpark @ Cineleisure The Curve... unfortunately not food lor ... :(

Anonymous said...

Hey there....yeah, Digi rocks..he he..I'm dat girl, btw Doris is my name, thanks anyway for d post, really enjoy doing my job wen others appreciating it...It's a great blog dat u hv here, keep on blogging ya....