Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Do Girls Masturbate

When i am doing my E-Commerce assignment just now.
This question suddenly pops out from my mind!
"How Do Girls Masturbate?"
So, I went around and asked my friends.
Answers that I got from girls are mostly :
"Yerrr!!! why u ask like that one?"
"walao eh! why you wanna know?"
"Lu si pien tai!" Pien Tai(sexually phyco)
From guys:
"How will i know? i am not a girl!"
"Why you wanna know? you wanna try on your ass?"
"Don't know, dildo or finger gua."

There is no one i can ask anymore.
Finally, i've decided to Google it!
So, here are some pictures that i found.




I even saw an article writing about Girls' Masturbation!
  • Most women like to caress the clitoris. You can make a circular motion with one or two fingers on top of your clitoris, roll your clitoris between your thumb and forefinger or tab your clitoris with your index finger. Some girls like to stimulate their clitoris with a vibrator. Try different things and vary speed and pressure to discover what works best.
  • If the clitoris is too sensitive you can stimulate it indirectly by touching the skin around it.
  • Let your whole body take part: clench and relax your sex muscles, move your pelvis up and down, open or close your legs and use your other hand to caress others parts of your body. Try out different things to discover what feels good.
  • Make sure you are in a sexual mood when you start, thus increasing the effect of your stimulation.
There is another long article in Wiki-Answer!
Click here to read more about it

The Conclusion is, I am just curious. LOL.
Girls, please forgive me.


Lasker said...

Ahemzzz ... someone is going for the kill (in blog traffic terms) :D

But let me join the gang ... -- Yerrrrr .. why you post this kind of thing oneeeee!

Pike-chan said...

har??? of all things in your mind? LOL said...

this is a good knowledge for guys :P
how bout make an article on "how do guys masturbate" i think a lot of female like to know :P

JJ Jason said...

Lasker, this is for people to get more knowledge ok?
Pikey, =___="
Calvyn, u the only one who support me.
For guys, errrrmmm...
Maybe next? lol

9PEK9BO said...


Sometimes it's best to keep the unknown territory as it should be..mysterious.

Anyway, had God wanted you to know more than what you do with what you have, he would have given you the other 'tool'too... LOL!

Satkuru said...


dunno how to even comment. when i read ur entry i was like @___@. lol

Pippo said...


but, nvm la. lol