Monday, January 5, 2009

KSS fever by Charles Key

All thanks to Charles who brought the Straighthening Iron to college today.
So he helped me to iron my hair for temporary and I took kinda a lot of pictures.
I became more and more KSS because of him =.=
KSS = Kes Siok-Sendiri a.k.a. Vain

This one took in the college

This one i took at home

I looks so sick right? =.=


Lasker said...

Memang is KSS case!!
or should I say CKSS!!!!! LOL!

SaeWei said...

ask you ppl go study, you ppl go class buat benda bukan-bukan!

Jade.Phoenix said...

lol...go coll straighten hair?? ho liao la u guys..hahaha....anyway, u look good in tiz hairstyle. can consider doin the permanent one.

TZ said...

Dude, as what your T-shirt shown "Same Same" I din see any different from your two picture @ College and @ home... only different that i noticed was you wear a spec when you took your picture @ home.

FC said...

LOL lookin sick alright haha