Monday, January 19, 2009


Sorry for not updating for so many days.
I've been really really busy these days.(excuse for lazy)
So this just a short post for some pictures.

After i've been using crutches and be a disable man,
facing all the weird eyes, meeting all the troubles.
I am now officially crutches free! yay! xD
Last Thursday the doctor told me that I don't have to use crutches anymore!
I was so so so so happy and excited!
I finally get rid of the cruthches!
My X-Ray

Here is some pictures of me and my classmate that taken on the same day.
Me & Penny

Me, Sherlyn & Penny

Queenie & Me

Me myself(Vain)

I will try hard to update more frequent.


Hugo Lim said...

wheeeeeeeeeee... glad to hear that! :D

Liagiba-Abigail said...

Now's my dad's turn..he slipped and fell while coming down hill and fractured his right ankle. Doctor put 8 screws, seven small screws that fits into a plat on one side (either left or right side of his right ankle i don't remember, but it's on the smaller bone) then on the other side a large screw to hold the bigger bone. It has been a month passed already, but still, he can't set foot on ground as his bones are not strong enough yet. Need to eat more calcium.

TZ said...

good to hear that u r fully recovered :)

JJ Jason said...

Hugo, wheeeeeee!!!
i no need to use crutches d~~~
Abigail, please take good care of your dad,
he cannot move or stretch his leg yet.
TZ, yeahhh~~~ =)