Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Random Facts In Malaysia

Malaysia is a colourful and fun country.
It contains all types of people and different cultural.
They are all friendly and funny.
Let's look at some random pictures of Malaysian.
Bras and Bikinis are everywhere hanging around
[maybe this is to show that they are open minded]

We want our road sign to be in Duo-Language, but when the language is poor
[there goes the Jalan Post OFICCE & Post OFICCE Street]

Some driver who wants everyone to know what is their car plate number
[huge one!]

So which way is Lorong batu Nilam 20A? Left Or Right?

When you are late for work but u still try to be funny

Install ur Astro device higher so that you can get more channel or what? lol

See, now you know what i said that Malaysia is colourful and fun!

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