Friday, February 27, 2009

A Nice Restaurant In Prangin Mall

Will you people get bored of me scolding all those bad service restaurant?
If yes, this post i am going to tell you guys about one good restaurant located at 3rd floor of Prangin Mall, behind yi-koh-jia.

There are 2 shops just beside each other.
It is QQ-stop and Taihe Restaurant.
Remember, QQ-stop is serving Taiwan food.
So, go to Restaurant Taihe which is serving Thai food.
This is the shop

Fish Spaghetti(Yums)

Fishball Noodle
(Noodle that made of fishball)

This is my 3rd time having meal there, and they never dissapoint me!
They are providing good services, nice food, and also in reasonable price!
But there is a problem, the speed of their service is slow.
So what? It is worth to wait for good food!

Have a try people!
You will never regret.
Highly recommended by me.


SaeWei said...

Yerrr..last time I always go time no have also :( How come the fishball noodle looks like char hor fun one?

JJ Jason said...

SaeWei, this one is new shop,
i think around 1 month niah.
Very nice one.