Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am a student from PTPL Penang, The Main Campus in Pulau Tikus.
For your information:
My college is a carpark limited college,
we do have free parking but it is so limited and small!
So fine, I've face this problem for many times.
Our rules is like that.
We cant avoid from blocking some people's car.
So, we have to leave down our phone number so that people will call you up so that you will shift you car when they wanna go out.

But some inconsiderate people are brainless!
Why i said so?
They will never put leave their phone number.
So what to do?
You will have to tell the front office receptionist.
If they know whose car is that, they will ask the person to shift their car.
But if they don't know, you will have to go and tell the security.
And yes! Today i met this problem!
I went to the guard house, and i saw them eating.
I said nicely: Abang, ada orang block I mia kereta tapi tarak letak phone nombor [Bro, someone is blocking my car without leaving phone number]
Guess what?
This security yelled at me! : he said, TUNGGU LAR! SEDANG MAKAN! [WAIT! I AM EATING]
I am not blind ok? I can see that you are eating.
I am just saying nicely that someone is blocking my car, I didn't even ask for help yet!
Why the hell are you yelling at me!?

Fine, i went back to front office, sat there and waited for like 15minutes?
Finally, a lady came down and shifted her car. [no name mentioned]

Now this is my advice:
I don't even care who you are!!!
If you are blocking people's car then please leave your phone numbers!
It is all your fault and please do not repeat such a action like this!
You might just wasted others' time and what if it is a urgent matter?
Be considerate and think of what if you are the one who block by others?!

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TZ said...

In KL... if you park and block people car ... be very careful... sometime people will just smash the windshield and move the car in the middle of the road... :p