Sunday, February 1, 2009

Raped by Fishes.

Fish spa is available in Penang for quite some time but I have never try,
So yesterday when I went to CTY with my family.
Some of us who have never try and wish to know how does it feel.
So we paid for that.
I am a student in between age of 16 to 25years old.
So i got to pay RM15 for 30minutes.
My cousin is student in between age of 7 to 15years old.
She got to pay RM12 only.
My nephew is under 7 years old, so he got it for free!
So I had my very first fish spa!
It was so itchy until everyone of us cannot take it and our face changed!

Hope that the fish wont die, lol!

See? There are so many fish biting us!

And not forget to camwhore. >.<

Lastly, a short video

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